Russia has announced its military presence in Iran for the first time since the end of World War II. 16.08.2016 Tu-22M3 Russian strategic bombers made their first flight from the base Hamedan in western Iran. The aircrafts attacked targets of the terrorist group "Islamic state" in Syria. Previously, Russian strategic aviation had been performing combat missions from the base of Mozdok in North Ossetia. Now the distance to the targets in Syria has been reduced by 60%.

For the Syrian campaign, it means that Russian supersonic bombers will be able to bring  a larger payload and at the same time carry out an increasing number of sorties. Accordingly, the intensity and effectiveness of the Russian air operations will increase significantly. Hmeymim airbase in Latakia (former civil airport) is not suitable for such heavy bombers.

The Middle East: total coverage

News agencies spread information that Russia and Iran have agreed on the deployment of Russian strategic bombers at the air base Hamedan on a long term basis. This information was confirmed by Iranian officials. Chairman of the Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani said that the Iranian side will provide its infrastructure for Russia to combat terrorism. Russian strategic bombers in Iran dramatically change the geopolitical situation in the Middle East.

The combat range of the Tu-22M3 aircraft at supersonic speed is 1850 km and the maximum range is about 3000 km. This allows them to cover the whole of the Middle East. The area is now controlled by Russian aircraft includes Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Yemen, Iran, the waters of the Persian Gulf. Within range are US military bases, all strategic places of Wahhabi monarchies of the Persian Gulf and the terrorist infrastructure in the region. The flight time to Riyadh is less than half an hour.

The Tu-22M3 is designed to destroy large enemy military-industrial targets, centers of command and control, and communications, destroy buildings (including magazines) and units deep behind enemy lines. This aircraft can also effectively conduct aerial reconnaissance and engage in electronic warfare. The Tu22M3 is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons. The maximum carry load is 24,000 kg.

Moreover, if Russia finds it necessary in a wartime situation, in agreement with Iran, can place better weapons at the air base in Iran, for example, the strategic missile carriers Tu-160, which are armed with atomic bombs and missiles with nuclear warheads. The combat radius of this aircraft is 7500 km.

The Moscow-Tehran Axis

Iran’s willingness to provide to Russia a military base Hamedan is a unique event in recent history of the state and evidence of a close strategic alliance between the two countries. This step links Russian geopolitics with Iran's interests in the region. There is no doubt that the Russian Aerospace Forces will protect the interests and security of both Russia and Iran. Iran strengthens its immunity against major opponents - the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, due to the Russian strategic presence.

At the same time, Russia defends itself at a distance, moving the confrontation with the United States from Russia’s own border areas, closer to the marginal part of the Eurasian Rimland, and directly adjacent to the major US and British bases in the Persian Gulf (Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).

Breakthrough Atlanticist blockade

For Russia, this event is crucial. A "breakthrough to the warm seas" to the Mediterranean, Iran and India; this geopolitical expansion towards the south has been a major strategic imperative of Russian geopolitics since the XVIII century and the basic meaning of "the Great Game" from the Russian side. In contrast to her Atlanticist powers, Great Britain and the United States were trying to prevent full Russian access to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Russian strategic bombers in Hamedan mean a breaking of the Atlanticist blockade in this part of the Rimland. Russia now receives immediate access to the region and the possibility of a way to operate militarily in this area, to protect both its own interests and those of its allies.

RT (Here is another very interesting development.)

China ‘to provide aid, enhance military training’ in Syria – top army official

 16 Aug, 2016


Beijing and Damascus have agreed that the Chinese military will provide humanitarian aid to Syria, a high-ranking People's Liberation Army officer said, adding that the training of Syrian personnel by Chinese instructors has also been discussed.

Director of the Office for International Military Cooperation of China's Central Military Commission, Guan Youfei, arrived in Damascus on Tuesday for talks with Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij, Chinese Xinhua news agency reported.

During the negotiation, Guan noted China’s consistent diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, adding that Beijing is now seeking closer military ties with Damascus.

"The Chinese and Syrian militaries traditionally have a friendly relationship, and the Chinese military is willing to keep strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the Syrian military," he said.

Guan and al-Freij discussed the enhancement of training and "reached a consensus" on the Chinese military providing humanitarian aid to Syria, Xinhua reported, without providing further details.

According to the agency, Guam also met with a Russian general during his visit to the Syrian capital.

China has been operating in Syria alongside Russia and Iran in a “discreet manner” but now the time has come to “openly” step up anti-terrorist efforts, believes political analyst Roula Talj.

We will see more involvement of China, of Iran and Russia. They will go [in] stronger after ISIS, especially after Russia-US talks. I do not think the US will have any chance to oppose the interference of these allies. The US president or any candidate will have to answer their own public[’s] opinion, so it is good for them that someone else is doing the dirty job,” Roula Talj told RT. “In the face of their own public[’s] opinion they have to be grateful that somebody else is cleaning the mess they had created, especially as ISIS is getting stronger every day inside of Europe. Of course, they are not extremely happy to see the BRICS countries taking over.”

Meanwhile political expert Qin Duo Xu does not foresee any “deep involvement” of the Chinese military in Syria, but says it could be a “significant” first step for China to “get involved in the Syrian situation.”

There are chances that this cooperation will increase a lot,” he told RT. “At least China can provide more support or diplomatic cover in terms of cracking down [on] terrorists or some rebel groups that are really extremist in nature.”

If you look at the Chinese media, Chinese public opinion, [you will see] that [the] absolute majority is siding with the Syrian government and support[s] Russian military involvement. China has its own problems with terrorists: At least 100 Chinese citizens are fighting alongside with rebels and Islamic State against the Syrian government,” he added. “That is why China does support Russian involvement, does support Syrian government’s efforts in [the] fight against terrorists.”

It is in China’s strategic interests to get involved in the Syrian crisis and “play a larger role” in resolving it, independent China strategist, Andrew Leung said.

This is really a breakthrough in China’s strategies in the Middle East. There appears to be more coordination with countries, like Russia,” Leung told RT. “China sees itself as one of the great powers and as befitting a state of great power there is the responsibility to maintain peace and stability in a very important region in the world…as far as the Middle East is concerned it means even more to China because it is a matter of energy security.”

Despite being a permanent UN Security Council member and relying on the Middle East for oil, China was previously reluctant to become involved in the Syrian conflict.

Beijing preferred to concentrate on domestic affairs and the territorial dispute with its neighbors in the South China Sea.

It praised Moscow’s anti-terrorism efforts in Syria as Russia staged a bombing campaign there in September 2015 to March 2016. Russia still has some of its forces in the country to provide humanitarian and military assistance to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government.

Last year, there were reports that China was sending dozens of military advisers to Syria to help the country fight terrorists.

November 30, 2015

Russia Launches 'Operation Total Destruction' Against ISIS In Syria - Nuclear Annihilation Possible - All Life On Earth Hangs In The Balance

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Turkey now putting up a blockade against Russian shipping in the Black Sea as shared in this linked story from Infowars, we learn that Russia has launched Operation Total Destruction in Syria as shared in these linked stories from the Strategic Culture Foundation Online Journal and the FARS News Agency as well as explained in much more detail in the 1st video below, an International Military Review from SOUTH FRONT.

We learn from the Infowars story that Turkey began a 'de facto' blockade of Russian ships with closures in between
the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus, between the Black Sea and Mediterranean and with Turkey now being outed as supporting ISIS terrorists, we see that the stage for World War 3 has rapidly been set. Why would the US and NATO back the horrifying and despicable ISIS terrorists in a war against Russia? Is this more proof the US has given itself over to total evil and deserves destruction as all truly evil nations do? Is this another sign that the US is 'mystery Babylon' from Biblical prophecy and will soon be dealt with severely?

With the European Union now on the brink of complete destruction as the EU offers Turkey billions of Euros and the possible to join the European Union we see the Muslim overthrow of the West happening before our very eyes.

In the 2nd video below we take a look at the unfolding of World War 3 from a Biblical perspective while in the 3rd video below, the The Next News Network takes a look at the Turkey blockade of the Russian Navy and Putin's decision to deploy 150,000 troops to destroy all terrorists in Syria.

We see one simulation from DE News of what a World War 3 between NATO and Russia might look like in the final video below. For those in Washington DC, Turkey, Russia and NATO who might not have been educated on the matter or may have forgotten, a WW3 between NATO and Russia will likely look like BILLIONS DEAD and a planet Earth likely unable to sustain life for many, many years. If that's what Americans want, please stay silent.

If you don't want a World War 3 that will likely end most of life on this planet as we know it, please pound your Congressional Representatives (contact info here) and the White House at 202-456-1212 and demand that these politicians put an end to this madness. We the American people ARE the power in this country (and of NATO) and if our totally braindead politicians think it's the other way around, it's time the American people reminded them they ARE MERELY PUBLIC SERVANTS and the entire world will be best off if they behave that way rather than they try to play God and annihilate all of life upon planet Earth as we know it.

We sincerely thank Hawaiian Congresswoman, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, for standing up in Congress and demanding that the CIA stop the illegal and counterproductive war to overthow Assad in Syria. If every member of Congress had the courage that Tulsi Gabbard has, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. You can see Tulsi in the 4th video below.

We certainly understand that Russia is not perfect nor are any countries in this day and age we live in who all have many faults but humanity must  go on and war and oil profits are not now and have never been the answer. Much more below.

From Fars News Agency.:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia plans to launch imminent 'Total Destruction' operations against the ISIL terrorists in Syria, media sources revealed on Saturday.

The Egyptian al-Youm al-Sabe' news website said in a report Russia has vowed continued fight against terrorists in Syria using its warships and has demanded the Iraqi government to suspend flights in the two provinces of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah to protect passenger flights given the intensified conflicts in Northern Iraq which is adjacent to Syria and the Turkish fighter jets' violation of the region's airspace under the pretext of bombing the PKK positions.

The news website quoted Russia's TASS news agency as reporting that Moscow will soon launch massive operations codenamed 'Total Destruction' against the terrorists using 69 Sukhoi fighter jets, Tupolev 160 bombers, submarines and warships deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Vladimir Putin is wearing the white hat in the current Syrian debacle

02/11/15 (Complied by Luke and S N Strutt)

Putin is fighting for a righteous cause not only defending the brutal persecution of Christians and other religious minorities, but he's also defending the rights of Sovereign Nations who are continually threatened with regime change, orchestrated by the  Global Elites, who are hell-bent on creating a ruthless tyrannical world government.

The engineered "Arab Spring" is a testament to their cruelty that they'll stop at nothing and give no quarter to those who oppose their dictates. 

Russia's president Vladimir Putin, is the next obstacle who now stands in their way of achieving Global Hegemony. And he's not alone. It's Nationalism versus Globalism: Vladimir Putin is a Nationalist, as are many others who are now uniting together while remaining Sovereign independent nations. 

The GLOBAL ELITES's are the "so-called" Globalist, but in truth they're really the big money boys of the Western International Banking dynasties and cartels, with a multitude of front organizations under their control, as well as the full strength of the US military war machine. http://www.tradyouth.org/2015/10/nationalism-versus-globalism-putin-takes-on-the-west-in-syria/ 

When Putin broke rank with the International Banksters and decided he would no longer listen to the dictates of these Global ELITES it brought the wrath of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group upon himself, and Russia, in the form of endless sanctions, economic warfare, currency wars, manipulating the price of oil, et al ,to name but a few.

That's really the crux of the matter of what we now see happening in Syria and Ukraine, and elsewhere around the globe. 

The GLOBAL elites highly underestimated Putins resolve and did not anticipate they would run up against such a courageous defender of the motherland, as well as being a skilled politician and strategist who has shown himself to be at least one step ahead of their plans for regime change.    

All nations, their leaders and peoples have their own individual rights, as well as their convictions and goals in life to do what's right for themselves and/or their nations. Some leaders are not willing to sell out their own people for personal gain and have died for their cause, such as Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and yes, John F Kennedy, as well as many, many others around the globe, who were not willing to submit to the dictates of the so-called global elite who now control the American led NWO, which began to raise it's ugly head just after the Berlin Wall came down. In the guise of "so-called" spreading democracy around the globe is nothing but a grand marketing campaign, a smoke screen, used by these  elites who want to persuade the masses to believe we're all one big happy family and members of a global village.
The problem is, it's not working, and many nations are waken up to the tyrannical nature of these antichrist elites and their use of the US military war machine to plunder the nations into submission.
Vladimir Putin of Russia had finally seen the handwriting on the wall of what the NWO, i.e. American Global Hegemony, has planned for Ukraine, Syria, Iran, China, et al, and his own beloved motherland.
Putin broke ranks with these so-called global elites when the time was right and no longer listens to their dictates and their manipulative use of numerous front organizations, nor their many foreign policy brokers, the likes of Kissinger's attempts to hopefully persuade Putin to change course and become another "vassal" of the NWO.
The "New World Order" in proper context of our world today refers to the current emergence of a totalitarian world government, which in truth is, America’s Drive towards Global Hegemony, Economic Warfare and Regime Changehttp://www.globalresearch.ca/americas-drive-towards-global-hegemony-economic-warfare-and-regime-change/5436080                   
Who are the Terrorists? US Intends "Direct Action on the Ground" in Iraq and Syria, In Support of ISIS…
Oct 28, 2015

It bears repeating and stressing what other articles explained. Washington uses ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as US foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq and wherever else they’re deployed.

In over a year of US bombing both countries, zero ISIS targets were struck – infrastructure and other government sites only. Claims otherwise are Big Lies about Obama’s wars in both countries.

Last year, he promised no “American combat troops fighting on foreign soil. We will not get dragged into another ground war” – another of his many Big Lies.

Last week, White House spokesman Eric Schultz said he has “no intention to authorize long-term, large-scale ground combat operations like our nation has conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Middle East analyst Phyllis Bennis toldRT International: “I think the question of US boots on the ground has been true for over a year now. We’ve had at least 35,000 troops in Iraq that went back last year (2014).”

US “troops (are actively) engaged in combat…So, the notion that there are ‘no boots’ is simply not the case. We also know that besides 35,000 US troops on the ground in Iraq there are an unknown numbers of other Special Forces and CIA forces on the ground.”

Their involvement makes things worse on the ground, not better – why they’re deployed in the first place, to keep the regional pot boiling, assure endless war, instability and chaos, support, not combat ISIS, and now an attempt to counter Russia’s successful air campaign.

Make no mistake about what’s ongoing and intended. Washington supports its ISIS and other terrorist proxy foot soldiers, wanting them protected from Russia’s commitment to contain, neutralize and eliminate them.

Most important for Moscow is keeping them from spreading elsewhere, especially to Russia and Central Asia, what Washington very much intends.

An undeclared US/Russia war rages, each nation supporting opposite sides in Syria and Iraq – America backing pure evil to advance its imperium, Moscow the best hope to restore regional peace and stability.

On October 27, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told Senate Armed Forces Committee members Washington intends “direct (regional) action on the ground” – code language for escalating what’s been ongoing for over a year.

“We won’t hold back…whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground,” said Carter. “We expect to intensify our air campaign…with a higher and heavier rate of strikes…We’ve already begun to ramp up these deliberate strikes.”

What’s coming remains to be seen. Carter provided no details. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “(w)e need to figure out…what (he) meant.”

Sergey Lavrov said Washington has no “understanding (about) who poses a terrorist threat in Syria” and Iraq. “One cannot say that there are (so-called) ‘good’ terrorists which are not to be touched.”

Russia offers help to all Syrian opposition groups fighting terrorism. It’s hard “find(ing) representatives of such opposition groups,” Lavrov explained.

All elements fighting Assad are terrorists. No “good” ones exist. The only way to restore regional peace and stability is eliminating them – Russia’s commitment opposed by Washington.

Russian upper house Federation Council Committee on International Affairs chairman Konstantin Kosachev calls US operations in Syria (and by implication Iraq for doing the opposite of what’s claimed) illegal – in contrast to Russian forces operating “within the framework of international law.”

“We have no intention of joining any other coalition for the simple reason that they are outside the framework of the international law,” Kosachev stressed.

He blasted misinformation about Russian airstrikes targeting civilians – part of the ongoing information war, he explained. No evidence supports baseless accusations.

Russia’s Defense Ministry demanded NATO provide proof, supporting US and other member countries’ allegations. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov summoned “military attaches of the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, NATO bloc and requested them to provide a formal justification of the essence of these statements or make a rebuttal, especially concerning the outrageous accusations in a number of English-language media about alleged airstrikes on hospitals.”

Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov dismissed what he called baseless “stove-piping reports.”

“We have been closely monitoring and analyzing such hoaxes,” he explained. “Only when we are 100% sure of the target, (are) aircraft…sent to deliver strikes on IS infrastructure using the corresponding precision-guided munitions.”

No hospitals or other civilian targets are struck. Russia has photographic proof of all targets destroyed.



Just Who Are The Real


October 22, 2015

By Pastor Chuck Baldwin


For seven consecutive presidential administrations (since Bush, Sr.
invaded Kuwait--2016 will make it 28 years), the American people have been told
that they are at war with terrorists. Republican and Democrat administrations
and congresses alike have built America’s entire foreign policy around this
hypothesis. Trillions of taxpayer dollars have been spent. Thousands of American
troops have lost their lives.  And tens of thousands have been
wounded--many of them seriously. Plus, hundreds of thousands of innocent
civilians in the Middle East have lost their lives to America’s “war on


In the name of the “war on terror,” the people of the United States have
become the most spied upon and surveilled people in world history. The
Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice, and Pentagon have
constructed the most elaborate domestic spy machine known to man. We are told
that all of this is helping to keep America “safe.” We are told the same thing
about our incessant drone attacks, the thousands of sorties conducted by our
military aircraft, and our never-ending wars of aggression in the Middle


First, we were told the terrorists were Al Qaeda and the Taliban. We
invaded two countries to rid the world of these sand people. But after years of
war by the most powerful and sophisticated military might in the world (the U.S.
military), Al Qaeda and the Taliban are still with us--stronger than ever. Then
we were told the terrorists were ISIS. Supposedly, Barack Obama has been at war
with these sand people ever since he took office. But all that has happened is
ISIS has gotten stronger and stronger. Surely, any rational person should be
able to see through this façade.


The truth is the United States is not at war with ISIS; the United States
helped to create and continues to fund and support ISIS. America’s so-called war
against ISIS is a total farce. The U.S. government in Washington, D.C., has used
ISIS to fight a proxy war against Syria on behalf of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and
Israel--not to mention the globalist puppetmasters. Outside of the United
States, virtually the entire world knows it. But, you see, America has the most
sophisticated propaganda machine ever known to man: the national news


The entire national press corps in this country (with FOX News at the
front of the pack) constantly promotes the drumbeat of war by regurgitating
government-sponsored talking points and “intelligence,” never bothering to
investigate or question the veracity of the government’s assertions. Joseph
Goebbels could only have dreamed of such an efficient propaganda


Joining the national news media are millions of evangelical Christians
such as John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, et al., who use the doctrine of
Christian Zionism to also pound the drumbeat of war.


See this report:


Christian Zionism: The New Heresy That Undermines Middle East


Yet, by supporting Islamic terror groups such as ISIS, what U.S. foreign
policy (with the support of the national news media and Hagee-type evangelicals)
is actually doing is assisting the most violent and barbaric stripe of Islam.
ISIS is nothing more than the resident terror group of Saudi Arabia’s Sunni
Muslim empire. Without any risk of being hyperbolic, Saudi Arabia is one of the
most barbarous terror-nations in the entire world. Yet, the U.S. government
considers Saudi Arabia to be one of its closest allies. And that’s the problem:
it is.

By far, the richest man in the world is Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. To give
you an idea of how wealthy this Sunni Muslim is, billionaires such as Bill
Gates, Carlos Slim, and Warren Buffet are only 1/20th to 1/50th as rich as he
is. And, as you can imagine, Salman is joined at the hip to the most powerful
and wealthiest international bankers in the world, such as the Rockefellers and
Rothschilds--and giant oil companies such as Chevron and Standard

And in the Sunni Muslim mind of King Salman, the greatest enemy is Shia
Muslims which are predominantly located in countries such as Syria, Iran, and
Yemen. It is Saudi Arabia (assisted by its allies in the United States, Turkey,
and Israel) that is the chief sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. This is
why the so-called “war on terror” by the United States is such a joke. Ever
since the administration of George H.W. Bush, the White House has been in the
pocket of petro-dollar billionaires around the world--with the king of Saudi
Arabia being the Cock-A-Doodle-Do of them all.


See this report:


The Saudi Dynasty, Key U.S. Ally, Tops The World In


I’m sure everyone readily remembers seeing news video of those caravans
of Toyota pickup trucks with ISIS flags waving proudly atop them. Well, guess
what! Those Toyota pickup trucks were supplied by the United States. Just
another reason why the greatest military force in the world was unable to locate
and destroy these trucks (and the terrorists riding in them) as they crawled
along the Middle Eastern desert. Again, what a crock!


See the report:


The U.S. Government Supplied ISIS’ Iconic Pickup


No wonder Iraqi Commander Hassan al-Sari said that Vladimir Putin’s
Russian coalition “is fighting against the ISIL on behalf of the whole world”
while the US had played no role in the recent victories against the


Here is the report:


Commander: Russian Coalition 'Fighting ISIL On Behalf Of The Whole


Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan,
Paul Craig Roberts, was more than blunt in his praise of Putin’s genuine war
against the Sunni terrorists in Syria, while denouncing in no uncertain terms
the phony war on terror in Washington, D.C. He writes, “The distinguished and
knowledgeable international commentator William Engdahl, in a superb statement,
has expressed the view I gave you that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech
on September 28 at the 70th anniversary of the United Nations changed the
balance of power in the world. Until Putin’s speech the world was intimidated by
the Washington Bully. Resistance to Washington brought swift retribution. In the
Middle East and Africa it brought economic sanctions and military invasions that
destroyed entire countries. In France and other US vassal states it brought
multi-billion dollar confiscations of bank net worth as the price of not
following Washington’s policies toward other


Roberts continues: “President Putin of Russia brought all that to end on
September 28. He stood up before the world in the presence of the overflowing
hubris of the hegemon and belled the cat.


“Putin denounced Washington’s threat to the sovereignty, and thereby the
freedom, of peoples and countries. He denounced the heartless criminality of
Washington’s destruction of the lives of millions of peoples on the basis of
nothing other than Washington’s own arrogance. He denounced the illegality of
Washington’s assaults on the sovereignty of other peoples, and declared that
Russia can no longer tolerate this state of affairs in the


“Two days later he took over the war in Syria and began exterminating the
Washington financed and equipped Islamic State. Cruise missiles launched from
the Caspian Sea hit ISIL targets with pinpoint accuracy and showed Washington’s
EU vassals that Washington’s ABM system could not protect them if Europe
permitted Washington to force Europe into conflict with


“Washington’s response was more lies: ‘the missiles hit Iran,’ said the
idiots in Washington. The entire world laughed at the lie. Washington, some
said, is whistling past its empire’s own graveyard.”


Roberts goes on: “This is a sea change. It will affect the behavior of
every government. Even some of the craven vassals states, whose ‘leaders’ are
bought-and-paid-for, will move toward a more independent foreign


“The remaining danger is the crazed American neoconservatives. I know
many of them. They are completely insane ideologues. This inhuman filth has
controlled the foreign policy of every US government since Clinton’s second
term. They are a danger to all life on earth. Look at the destruction they have
wreaked in the former Yugoslavia, in Ukraine, in Georgia and South Ossetia, in
Africa, in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The American people were too
brainwashed by lies and by political impotence to do anything about it, and
Washington’s vassals in Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan had to pretend
that this policy of international murder was ‘bringing freedom and


“The crazed filth that controls US foreign policy is capable of defending
US hegemony with nuclear weapons. The neoconservatives must be removed from
power, arrested, and put on international trial for their horrendous war crimes
before they defend their hegemony with Armageddon.


“Neoconservatives and their allies in the military/security complex make
audacious use of false flag attacks. These evil people are capable of
orchestrating a false flag attack that propels the US and Russia to


See Roberts’ column here:


The Fall Of The Unipower


Plus, Christians around the world (especially in the Middle East,
Northern Africa, and Eastern Europe) are not hypnotized by Christian Zionists
such as John Hagee. Here is a sample of the numerous pieces of communication
that I often receive from Christians in these regions:


“I grew up in an Evangelical pastor’s house in Nigeria, reading the
fallacies of Mr. Scofield’s ‘Bible’ teaching the false doctrines of
dispensations. By the Grace of God I know better now.


“The current State of Israel is a nation based on the accursed Talmudic
doctrines of the Pharisees [exactly right].”


This Middle Eastern Christian goes on to say, “Vladimir Putin is a man of
God, who knows these people and their hate for our Lord Jesus and for


“God forbid those Obama-and-Netanyahu-rented bearded barbarians called
‘moderate rebels,’ Al Nustra, Al Qaeda, and ISIS enter the city of Damascus! Our
Christian brothers and sisters would all be annihilated, raped, and forcefully
converted to Islam, with the support of USA, NATO, and


HEMEIMEEM AIRBASE, Syria — Sleek combat jets loaded with precision bunker-buster bombs roar into the skies as soldiers in desert-style uniforms march past rows of neat housing at this Russian military base at one of Syria’s largest airports.

The air campaign in Syria, Russia’s first military action outside the former Soviet Union since the war in Afghanistan, shows a revamped Russian military, which sharply differs in both capability and mindset from the old, Soviet-style force.

It is capable of quickly projecting power far from Russian borders, widely uses drones and precision weapons, and cares about soldiers’ comfort.

The thunder of Syria’s civil war couldn’t be heard at Hemeimeem, located in the coastal province of Latakia, which has largely been spared the chaos and destruction of more than 4 1/2 years of fighting in Syria.

A small group of journalists visiting the base this week could see a dozen Su-24 bombers taking off into the night with a deafening roar, piercing the darkness with scarlet flames from their engines.

Such missions were impossible just a few years ago, when the Russian air force had few planes capable of hitting targets at night.

As part of President Vladimir Putin’s sweeping military modernization program, the air force received hundreds of new and modernized aircraft, all equipped with state-of-the art electronics on a par with U.S. and NATO jets.


“All aircraft here at the base are equipped with targeting systems that allow hitting targets with pinpoint precision,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov.

He dismissed Syrian opposition claims that the Russian airstrikes killed civilians as “sheer nonsense,” saying the aircraft have hit ammunition depots, bunkers and other targets away from populated areas. The ministry has released cockpit video to support its claims, just as the Pentagon did during the two Gulf wars.

The precision strikes differ sharply from Russian operations to quash two separatist insurrections in Chechnya, where the Russian military indiscriminately used obsolete, inaccurate weapons, reducing the Chechen capital of Grozny to rubble.

Latakia, the heartland of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s Alawite minority, offers the Russian military a safe environment — and a warm welcome from people blaring car horns and chanting “Thanks!” in Russian.

At a refugee camp in Latakia, which houses several thousand mostly Alawite refugees from other provinces in Syria, smiling kids shouted: “Thank you, Putin!”

Warmly greeted by the locals and at a safe distance from the front lines, Russian soldiers at the base look calm and relaxed.

Still, Russian military police manning checkpoints with Syrian security forces thoroughly check incoming vehicles, special forces guard key facilities and Mi-24 helicopter gunships sweep around the base on regular patrols looking for any suspicious activity. Pantsyr air defense systems are deployed at the edge of the airfield, completing the security bubble.

Soldiers at the base are visibly proud of their crisp new uniforms and comfortable sand-colored high boots, a stark contrast with the drab Soviet-style military attire worn until recently.

Air force support crew attaching heavy bombs and missiles under the warplanes’ wings wear shorts and white sports shoes for comfort in very un-Russian temperatures of nearly 30 Celsius (mid-80s Fahrenheit).

On a typical day, each jet flies several sorties during the day and at night.


MI-24 Russian Attack Helicopter

Konashenkov shrugged off U.S. criticism that Russia was targeting moderate rebel groups fighting Assad instead of focusing on the Islamic State group, the main goal declared by the Kremlin. He argued it doesn’t matter which of the myriad militant groups owns facilities making suicide belts and rigging trucks with explosives for suicide missions, which the Russian warplanes target.

In another break with the old Russian military tradition, the planners of the Hemeimeem base took care of the troops, a marked departure from Soviet-style neglect of soldiers’ comfort.

The neat rows of housing units, each holding from two to eight men depending on rank, are equipped with air conditioning, a must in the scorching heat, and there are plenty of wash cabins available.


A field kitchen and a canteen look immaculately clean, a sight to shock anyone familiar with crude ways of the old-style Russian military.

At the base’s water treatment unit, Lt.-Col. Alexander Yevdokimov spoke enthusiastically about a multilayer filter system that purifies Syrian tap water to the highest drinking standard and prevents any threat of chemical or bacteriological contamination.

“Please try it, it tastes really good!” he told reporters.

The base bakes its own bread and cooks prepare no-frills but filling Russian dishes. An army store offers souvenirs, cosmetics and clothing, and smiling attendants at a nearby coffee shop sell candies, cookies and ice cream delivered from Russia.

Konashenkov, a veteran of the war in Chechnya and other post-Soviet conflicts, is keen to highlight the progress the military has made.

“Remember Chechnya, where everything was covered in dirt?” he asks, pointing at the base’s freshly paved grounds that help keep uniforms and housing units clean.

Officers at the base say its comfortable layout and logistics reflect the personal touch of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is widely popular in the ranks, unlike his predecessor, Anatoly Serdyukov.

Serdyukov, who was ordered by Putin to streamline the bloated and under-funded military after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, conducted painful cuts of the officer corps and made other radical changes, but was eventually sacked amid growling in the ranks.

The military welcomed the appointment of Shoigu, who had served as Russia’s emergencies minister for two decades and won a reputation as one of the few Russian officials who could actually get things done.

A latecomer to Putin’s inner circle, Shoigu has developed strong personal ties with the president. They have gone fishing together and the defense minister now seems to be one of the few officials whom Putin particularly trusts.

Spending on the military increased under Shoigu’s leadership, financing hundreds of new aircraft and missiles and the commissioning of numerous other new weapons.

The armed forces have held a series of massive exercises, engaging hundreds of thousands of troops and hundreds of aircraft across vast areas from the Baltics to the Pacific and from the Caspian Sea to the Arctic.

The drills paid off when Putin moved to annex Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014. Within hours, waves of Russian transport planes airlifted special forces that quickly blocked Ukrainian troops at their bases without firing a shot. The swift operation took the West by surprise.

Unlike the past, when the military’s post-Soviet meltdown forced the Kremlin to rely increasingly on nuclear weapons, it has grown more confident about its conventional forces.

The rapid deployment of a sizable expeditionary force by sea and air, an air campaign in which dozens of jets relentlessly pounded targets round the clock for weeks and the launching of long-range cruise missiles from the Caspian were intended to send a clear message: Russia’s military could rival U.S. operational capability.

Putin has pointed at the launch of 26 cruise missiles from Russian navy ships in the Caspian at targets in Syria 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) away as a signal to the U.S. that Russia can pack a similar punch.

Konashenkov, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, shrugged off the Pentagon’s claim that four of the missiles crashed in Iran.

“All those targets (in Syria) must have exploded all by themselves then!” he said with a sardonic smile, insisting that every Russian missile hit its target.

- See more at: http://allnews.network/index.php/8-news/173-all-those-targets-in-syria-must-have-exploded-all-by-themselves#sthash.BKyF3nqq.dpuf

Russia establishes 'no fly' zone for NATO planes over Syria, moves to destroy "ISIS" - Pentagon freaks out
 Check-mate. Putin outfoxes U.S. warmongers

Wed, 30 Sep 2015

By Joe Quinn, editor and writer for Sott.net

You may, or may not, have noticed the growing body of evidence over the past year or two that strongly suggests that the U.S. government and its European "allies" are not really serious about destroying "ISIS". 

The first hint came early last year when the jihadi mercenaries took large swathes of Iraq and Syria, and the West did nothing but wring its collective hands and fret, and resolve to bolster the fighting capability of the wonderful "rebels". 

The second hint came this year when the U.S. and their partners began piecemeal airstrikes against "ISIS" that appeared to merely spur the head-choppers on to more success. 

The third hint came with reports that weapons supplies being sent to "Syrian rebels" were 'accidentally' ending up in the hands of the head-choppers. 

The most recent confirmation that Western politicians and military types effectively view "ISIS" as 'their guys' came in the last few weeks when the Pentagon reacted to news that Russia was in the process of establishing an air base in western Syria, from which to attack all foreign forces in Syria involved in the four-year-long attempted coup against the Syrian government. 

Putin's speech at the UN two days ago appears to have been the signal (one that was apparently missed by the Pentagon, perhaps because it was couched in clear, honest language) that Russia was about to 'get real' and make good on its intention to prevent the overthrow of Assad, defend the civilian population of Syria against ISIS, and solve the European 'refugee crisis' in the process. 

On the same day as Putin's speech, the Russian government revealed that Iraq had decided to sign an intelligence-sharing accord with Syria, Iran and Russia as part of the mission to wipe ISIS from the pages of history. They even set up a center in Baghdad to facilitate this information-sharing and have invited other nations interested in joining the counterterrorism effort in Syria to sign up. 

Today, with a speed that indicates the result of the vote was a foregone conclusion, the Russian parliament unanimously agreed to allow the Russian military to engage in Syria. The decision was rubber-stamped by the Duma on the basis that the Syrian government had invited the Russian military to help in their fight against terrorists, and with the rationale that ISIS terrorists and the 2,000 (give or take) Russian nationals that have joined them "must be defeated there and not allowed to return to their home countries [e.g. Russia] with battle experience and ideology adopted in the war zone." Russian involvement in Syria is, therefore, very much in keeping with international law, a quaint notion long since dispensed with by the "international community" of Washington, London and a few EU capitals. 

But just in case anyone was still in doubt, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov today pointed out at the UN Security Council debate that "ISIS" possesses "elements of Weapons of Mass Destruction", a claim which is decidedly more plausible than the U.S. claim that Saddam had WMDs back in 2003. 

With a consistency between word and action that exposes Western governments for the liars they are, the Russian military, on the orders of Putin, today began carrying out air strikes against Jihadi targets in Syria:
By all accounts, the Pentagon appears to have been caught with its pants down, which is not surprising given that so many of its employees spend their time watching child porn on their computers. 
Yesterday, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that he was "surprised" at the decision by Iraq's Joint Operations Command to share intelligence with Syria, Iran and Russia in an effort to coordinate action against the Islamic State. The problem for the Pentagon here is twofold: 1) Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia combining their resources to defeat "ISIS" puts the US and NATO firmly out of the picture. 2) The Pentagon had, in its hubris, believed that the Iraqi government was sufficiently 'owned' that it could share sensitive US military intelligence about US military activities (and US proxy forces) with the Iraqis. There is now a risk that that intelligence may be made available to the Russians, allowing for the better targeting of US and Saudi proxy forces in Syria, and even Iraq. 

The next surprise came this morning, when Russia effectively told the U.S. it had one hour to leave Syria:
Despite the fact that Russia, Iran and Syria are targeting terrorist groups in Syria, Deputy Work said: "Obviously, we are not going to share intelligence with either Syria, or Russia, or Iran, so we are in the process of working to try and find out exactly what Iraq has said." 

In further evidence that things have gone a little 'pear-shaped' for the Pentagon, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, Evelyn Farkas, has been fired has resigned and will leave at the end of October, according to a senior U.S. defense official. Ms Farkas's responsibilities included dealing with Russia on Syria and Ukraine. Oops. 

By carefully choosing which type of military aid to give to Syria, Russia has effectively created a 'no-fly' zone for NATO war planes above large swathes of Syria, unless of course pilots more accustomed to engaging in turkey shoots want to risk being blown out of the sky. 

It is almost certain that the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system is now operational in Syria. "ISIS" has no air force, so this system was clearly intended to protect against a NATO bombing campaign aimed at the Syrian army. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons that Western military attacks on "ISIS" have been so ineffective. Not that Russia or Syria ever wanted to stop Western bombs falling on "ISIS" positions; they just wanted to stop NATO using the excuse of attacking "ISIS" to target the Syrian military. 

Russia's S300 missile system. Now protecting the Syrian people from NATO bombs
With the recently enhanced Russian air base at Latakia, Russian air force planes stationed there can freely engage U.S. proxy mercenary (ISIS) targets and (hopefully) close the book on this latest monstrosity created by the psychopaths in Washington and their misogynistic, head-chopping "royal" friends in the Gulf. 

There is, however, one down side to this new development; Europe is already dealing with a large influx of refugees from Syria. It's really unreasonable of the Russians to risk adding about 30,000 more "ISIS" jihadis into the mix, most of whom, as I speak, are frantically shaving off their terrorist beards and heading for Turkey and 'safe passage' to Germany.

Russia initiated air strikes in Syria this week and although the effect on the ground is still unclear, the globalist agenda in Syria is reeling. The inadvertent offer by the US of a chemical weapons agreement and the immediate acceptance by Syria three years ago set back the timing of the US attack on Syria—until the US created ISIS as an excuse to get back into the battle. But Russia is using the same excuse for direct military intervention on behalf of Syria against ISIS (and other US-backed rebels) and this could halt to the whole US-led effort to remove Assad. If the Russians really start crushing ISIS it will also expose the US war on ISIS as an ineffective and half-hearted fraud. Defeating ISIS is not possible, even for the Russians, without ground troops, but it appears that Russia’s allies in Iran and Lebanon are going to provide the boots on the ground. Revolutionary Guards from Iran and Hezbollah guerrillas from Lebanon are formidable fighters and could provide the turning point against the US/UK-created ISIS. Vladimir Putin seems to be the one man in the world who has the cojones to thwart the agenda of the globalists.

Vladimir Putin Vows To Defend Christianity Worldwide



World Affairs Brief




Think of it: G.W. Bush and Barack Obama make Vladimir Putin look




In addition, while our federal government seems intent on eviscerating
all vestiges of Christianity from America’s public life (the federal judge who
threw the Kentucky clerk of court into jail was a G.W. Bush appointee; the
Supreme Court justice who wrote for the majority in the recent same-sex
decision, Anthony Kennedy, was appointed by Ronald Reagan), Putin is boldly
calling on the Russian people to return to their Christian




All of the reports I have received from missionaries in and around Russia
tell me that the vast majority of pastors and Christians in Russia believe Putin
is a wonderful Christian leader. Putin touts himself an Orthodox Christian. In
2012, he publicly promised to defend Christianity, especially persecuted
Christians, around the world.




A Christianpost.com report stated, “And, as reported by Interfax, Putin
replied, ‘You needn't have any doubt that that's the way it will be,’ assuring
Hilarion that Russian foreign policy would defend Christians from persecution




“Putin's recent actions seem to confirm his promise. Last week, Putin
vetoed a U.N. motion calling for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to step down.
Syrian Christians received this as good news. Assad is of the Alawite sect of
Islam. Alawites and Christians are both religious minorities in Syria. Syrian
Christians feel that sharing this minority status means Assad will provide them
with protection. A Syrian Christian woman even told The Global Post, ‘Thank God
for Russia. Without Russia we are doomed.’




“Putin has long been a supporter of Christianity and Christian values
within Russia. He has called for the Church to play a larger role in citizens'
social lives, better religion classes in schools, and television programs
emphasizing religious values.”




See the report here:




Vladimir Putin Vows To Defend Christianity




Perhaps this is another reason why Putin is coming to the defense of
Assad. And perhaps this also helps explain why there seems to be more respect
for Christian values in Russia than there is in the United States




Consider: the Bible is freely distributed in Russia’s public schools, and
homosexual marriages are NOT legally recognized. In fact, Putin signed a law in
2013 prohibiting the distribution of materials promoting the LGBT relationship
to minors. At one time, providing such materials to minors in the United States
would also have been deemed a crime: the crime of “contributing to the
delinquency of a minor.” Now, these-type materials are included in our public
school curricula.




In addition, public gay pride demonstrations are prohibited in Russia.
Compare this to the government of Israel, which just might be the biggest
promoter of gay rights and gay-rights demonstrations of any civil government in
the world--more so than even the government of the United States. (Note: I am
NOT advocating a restriction of free speech here in the U.S. I am merely
pointing out the manner in which Putin’s Russia attempts to protect its children
from aberrant sexual behavior, while Obama’s America and Netanyahu’s Israel
actively promote such behavior among its youth.)




Russia’s past history was dismal in terms of abortion. But the trend in
Russia is changing under Putin. Abortion is available in Russia during the first
trimester of pregnancy only; but a bill is currently working its way through the
Duma (state parliament) that would remove all state funding for abortions and
prohibit private organizations from doing abortions. Under the bill, women would
have to personally pay for an abortion. Proponents of the bill believe legal
abortion will be eliminated in Russia during the next two years. Putin has
already signed a law prohibiting any advertising of abortion services.
Definitely, Russia is trending toward a pro-life position.




My friend, Joel Skousen (quoted above), often opines that he believes
Putin is still a communist at heart and, as a former head of Russia’s secret spy
agency (the KGB), is still an avowed enemy of the United States. He might be
right, of course.




But the bigger question is, who is the enemy of freedom? Any nation or
national leader can become an enemy of freedom--regardless of label. Tyranny is
tyranny, whether it be found in Red Square or the White House.




Don’t forget that George H.W. Bush was the head of the CIA before
becoming President. And if there is a substantial moral distinction between the
CIA and KGB, I, for one, don’t know what it is. Plus, our federal government
(and especially our State Department) is littered with all kinds of socialists.
Furthermore, when one looks at the way America’s foreign policy is more and more
becoming a tool of the globalists, and the way agencies of the federal
government are becoming increasingly dictatorial here at home, it is becoming
increasingly difficult to tell the good guys from the bad




All I know is right now Vladimir Putin seems to be the one man in the
world who has the cojones to thwart the agenda of the globalists. I say again:
Bush and Obama make Putin look GOOD.






© Chuck Baldwin