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By S.N.Strutt – 21/02/19

A simple search on the internet brings up lots of information about this topic and yet officially through the Main Media, nothing is ever mentioned about the devastating effects of Chemtrails, Weather Machines and the deliberate Geo-engineering of our planet. Without any effort at all, I found the following videos about H.A.A.R.P, Chemtrails and Geo-Engineering: https://wakeup-world.com/2011/05/11/haarp-weather-altering-earthquake-making-machine/





H.A.A.R.P.: Weather Control

Is the HAARP Project a Weather Control Weapon?



CHEMTRAILS: If one watches just a few videos on the above topics it becomes alarmingly plain, that those who are in charge of these invisible Black Ops as they are called couldn’t care less about  the harmful side-effects with what they are doing. Chemtrails which we can clearly see in the skies here over the UK are with us almost every single day of the year and for what beneficial purpose?

Officially they are just contrails coming out the back of aircraft, but on a close examination, it is obvious that Chemtrails and contrails are totally different, the one from the other. The Chemtrails used by the weather machines basically alter the position of the Jet-Stream and cause it to undulate instead of travelling horizontally from West to East. By altering the position of the Jetstream, those who possess these machines can indeed alter the weather. Above the Jet stream the air is much colder. Below it the air is much warmer. I live in Scotland and I have been keeping a sharp eye on the  weather as something is 'seriously out of balance'. Today on the 21st Feb 2019 it was 16 C and 18C in Aberdeen where we live. It has never been that hot  this time in February ever before! The BBC stated today, that it was the HOTTEST FEBRUARY DAY on record!! Two days from now it is predicted to get even higher with a whopping high of 19 C here in the East of Scotland. When you happen to know that the average temperature for Scotland during the height of summer is only 16 C, then it is clear as a bell that something is seriously wrong with our climate. Travel West to the U.S.A and in many places in the Eastern States again they have had an unusual amount of record snow falls and 'seriously minus temps'. What am I personally concerned about in all this?

Well last year at the end of Feb 2018, we got a 'sudden change' in the weather which was dubbed at the time ‘Beast from the East’ it started on 28 Feb and lasted about 2 weeks. The temps plummeted to far below zero and we had ferocious blizzards that lasted for well over a week. Our roads were suddenly blocked with 4-7 feet snow drifts and most people in our county didn’t get to work for a whole week as the councils here were totally unprepared for such a sudden anomaly as the ‘Beast from the East’

Normally in the UK we are known to have fairly mild winters, and not much snow except on higher ground, but last year the 'Beast from the East' affected everyone, even down to sea-level. That same sort of ferocious 'sudden heavy snows' also buried Greece earlier this very winter and many other countries in Europe. It would appear that the weather machines make it too cold in some areas and too hot in others. I happen to know that here in the UK there is a H.A.A.R.P. Weather machine in Wales. There are two in Alaska and one in Tromso in Norway (U.S.A. military Base).

I read in a recent article that this last summer Of 2018 the salmon fishing in Scotland was completely devastated as there were no salmon The article stated that something had ‘cooked’ the salmon. Of course they offically blamed so-called Global Warming, but it certainly wasn't that as last summer wasn't at all that hot! Could it have been some radiation associated with H.A.A.R.P.?

We are told that 40% of insects have died out recently. The trees here in the UK  have been damaged by the Chemtrails. Many species of all kinds of birds are going extinct.

The chemicals that reign down from the sky in the form of 'aluminium oxide's and many other 'dangerous heavy metals' & other 'toxic substances' that are very dangerous for human beings as well as animals. These substances are know to cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Dementia, Respiratory problems and skin problems just to name a few.

Somebody stated that if it gets too hot in one area then it will be balanced out by the weather getting too cold in another area, as the planet balances things out.

It is shocking that most people just blind themselves to what is going on and fail to see the grave dangers that could seriously affect both they themselves and their children for the immediate future.

One of the problems is DENIAL. Most people cannot get their heads around the fact that the Elite who run this planet are without conscience and their attitude is total contempt for the public.

Some  of the 'The Elites' MOTTOS are : 'The Ends Justify the Means': EUGENICS: 'To get rid of 95% of the world’s population by 2030'.

Well the Chemtrails is a good way to poison the masses who are totally oblivious to what is going on just above their heads.

It is a sad fact that many women are becoming infertile and many young men have a low sperm count – probably causes by putting too much estrogen into the beef since the 1950’’s in the USA just to fatten up the meat. Unfortunately it has now affected the population big time.

Abortion is now the number one cause of death in the USA with around 40-60 million/year worldwide.

People are having 1/3 of the number of children today as the 1950’s. It is not true that the population of the planet is too high.

The number of the world population is actually stagnating and will start to go down drastically very soon because of many causes, one of which is the side-effects of both the Chemtrails and the Weather Machines.

Here is Scotland we can clearly see damage being done to the whole eco-system, the weather, the insects, the birds and the trees. God only knows what it doing to our own health! The question is: are there enough people to get concerned enough to rise up against this manipulation by GEO-ENGINEERING paid for by the working man’s taxes even against his will.


MAT.24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

JOEL.2:30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

JOEL.2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.

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