7. Jan, 2022


'HOLLOW EARTH' PACT MADE TO RULE THE OUTER EARTH?:  German Spy Reveals Secret US-Hollow Earth Pact For Global Rule - Tales from out there (weebly.com)

STEVE: I wrote a comment for this above article about the HOLLOW EARTH and which I mentioned is quite easy to prove by simple science, which they kindly posted. TKS 'HOLLOW EARTH' & 'HOLES AT THE POLES' - PARANORMAL - -by S.N.Strutt VIDEO 1 - YouTube    VIDEO 2 https://youtu.be/H0Ki-8xX6ks?t=762




THURSDAY 06/01/2022




STEVE: I strongly suggest that you all listen to the above podcast as it is very revealing as to what is going on on a  worldscale and why. Who is orchestrating all the leaders of the world to be imposing tight controls upon their populations such as we have not seen since ADOLF HITLER and the NAZI rule in Europe.

I will be covering this   topic in my new book 'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT PIT II', which is an appropriate title for the book of all that is currently going on in the world and from where it is  orchestrated from.

I bought Steve Quayle's amazing book 'Beneath the ICE' about the strangness of the ANTARCTIC. When it first came out a couple of years  ago I was amazed by the info it contained as have been many others  as well. 

'Empire  Beneath the Ice' has fantastic information, such as 'Why the NAZI'S didn't lose the 2nd world war!!!

It talks about the NAZIS having experimental UFO's and Portals. It also mentions that the very 'Throne of Satan' is under the Antarctic some hundreds of miles beneath the surface of the earth. That would fit in with the 'Hollow Earth Theory', which I covered in my first book 'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT I back in 2014. 

The above interview by Dave Hodges with Steve is 2nd to none in my opinion.

Why have many political leadeers such as John Kerry, who was Barack Obama's right hand man, and religious ones like the Pope and the head of the Orthodox church been invited down to the Antarctic for secret meetings so far away? Are the Portals in the Antarctic linked to all the planets in the Solar System and beyond. If so, who made them originally?

Listen to the above interview with Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges to find out the details.