1)  Hank Jenkins -USA  - 22/08/19

One thing that stands out to me about these ancient structures is how aesthetically pleasing they are.   Whoever built these things had a long time to think about it either because they lived longer or because they just took the time to think about what they were doing.  Nothing in modern architecture compares with the way man built things thousands of years ago.  Maybe it got to be a form of man-worship but it sure is  pretty to look at!  .   Everybody's in such a damned hurry nowadays that nobody has the time--or they say they don't--to build something that lasts and is a testimony to succeeding generations.

2) From John Benjamin 13/08/19 -USA

Steve, Amazing finds!

Do you mind if I forward this on to Steve Quayle? Or you can - at: "Steve        Quayle"<>,"Steve Quayle"<>,  I don't see why he or Alberino - or Tom Horn wouldn't be interested in this and want to come over and begin helping bring things to light... Tom Horn: "Tom Horn"<>,"Tom Horn"<>,   They might even want to help you publish some of your writings... ?

COMMENTS from another author: John Benjamin: - 19/08/19 - Say Steve, Is the excellent work you've done on You Tube? Go straight to the people yourself!

Your stuff is good enough to stand on its own! Maybe go to television people in Scotland who might want to be "up with the Jones' " on this stuff and make things that keep up with American authors. Go straight to the enemy! Contact the Smithsonian or someone that is making TV shows or internet works that would LOVE your work and want to promote it. History Channel or something... They are all over this stuff now and GIANTS TOO!  I think your stuff is BETTER! Anyway, hope something goes really well for you and doors open. You really deserve it for all that hard work. Have a great week and praying for you to  have big open doors. -john


3) With new technology that can see far into the earth and under the ocean. Of late on the news they've shown underwater castles in a European lake and down around the Black Sea too. They are finding underwater cities all over and brand new stuff in archaeological digs in areas where the Tundra is melting ice and the areas where ice is melting that animals and whole civilizations are under they knew nothing about before like the whole new race of people in Siberia!

I would think your work is so good that surely some rich guy would want to sponsor it. You don't have to say anything about your religious beliefs if it's gonna sink your ship and get you thrown into the dumpster out in back of their building! Sorry, but that's just the truth. You don't have to tell everyone everything or show all of your work -- perhaps just some of the most recent and best that's up to par with what others are also doing who have big money and backers.

That's what you need! Someone with a big pocket book and people who can help you do your OWN archaeology! Maybe someone with tools and equipment that can dig and make films - etc... 

You know more of what's going on than I do.

I am fascinated by your latest stuff and am going to try to take time to go through those videos. I see no reason why you couldn't do what Quayle and them are doing.

Maybe YOU can do that if you can get enough interest on board with your projects to have guys that know how to dig and use equipment and have new technology that can see deep into the earth and all. If any are around - show'em your work! that oughta spike some interest. sorry for the rant here... I know it is all harder than  it looks.

I'd like to see someone like you come from out of nowhere and socke'm right in the jaw so to speak - with real facts and arti-facts to back it up.  If you just had the professional help from some of these guys up in the U.K. I'll shut up now and be praying for you. You really deserve to get "under the lights" with your work - on TV and greater outreach. Just think your work is great and very well presented. Wish it was on TV and really getting big time attention. -john


4 ) Watching your first video... I see that you ARE on You Tube. How stupid of me... Still hope you can garner some big time help for greater things - like FAST! Russia is now playing tag in the Straits of Hormuz with their own battle flotilla against American ships - I've heard. How amazing they never put it on the news. We saw it on 700 Club - CBN news. They tell things the other guys (including Fox) don't mention! A Chinese Admiral said that they need to sink an American Aircraft Carrier to show that we are not as great as everyone thinks! Interestingly enough - on one of Michael Snyder's blog sites - there are like 4 books and a video by prophetic people who have seen this in vision coming! Even the NAME! The USS Abraham Lincoln! It is now in the South China Sea! Things are really heating up. Who knows how long or when? Just gotta take it one day at a time. Now - back to your You Tube video... ha. 


5) WOW! I think you've stumbled onto something really historical! I wonder if it were some kind of fortification to keep out dinosaurs - heavily built and huge? I read that the walled cities were made for that reason in the old days and had clay and mud with very sharp pointed things sticking out of it to keep out dinosaurs! In the Bible it speaks of the big dinosaur in Job 40 as being able to "tread down the sharp pointed objects" like it was nothing!

I read that Nimrod killed a large dinosaur with a spear. I also read that Krakow, Poland was named after an early guy who fought a dinosaur there - named Krakow! I read that in the Himalayas a man killed a large dinosaur with a spear. It's scales shook and made noise like shells shaking when it moved. I read that Marco Polo - when crossing Afghanistan - saw and drew a picture in his diary of two Raptors eating on a hillside.

I also read in James Perloff's book - Tornado in a Junk Yard - about MANY historical dinosaur sightings. I used to communicate with James regularly. He lives in Boston. Tried to get him to move out here to Kansas and go to Prophecy Club with some of us. He said he felt more called to go to the atheistic Universities in New England and down the coast to debate with the Evolutionists and he put them to shame with FACTS! Just saw him the other day on a You Tube video and he really aged. An old hippie with white hair now. ha.

But that book would really interest you greatly. Historical writings of Roman's fighting a giant dinosaur in Africa. A large flock of Pterodactyls (red in color) flying over London in the 1400's - fleeing a big storm coming in. A dragon killed by villagers with bows and arrows (like the whole village) that had been eating sheep. A huge fight between a large black dragon and a red and white dragon or dinosaur that the whole village came out to see at what is now called "Sharp Fight Meadow."


6) Hey! You were a pilot. See if you can get access to a plane and possibly some form of the new ground penetrating radar. You could find stuff yourself. Then all ya need is a big back hoe. ha... What if there are skeletons of both giant humans and dinosaurs down under that area both inside the walled fortification and around it? People get loans to buy equipment to hunt for gold. Maybe you could get a grant or something to buy the equipment if you contact the right historically oriented people with $...?

7) What will you do (out of curiosity) with your discovery of the monuments? It sure would be good to get some archaeologists to dig inside the hole. It would be good that you could get some credit and even some funds for your discovery. Or, maybe some research center in Scotland knows they're there but are hiding it from the public, like you say. - Jan -Spain 12/08/19

8) From Steve Thompson - Hi Stephen, Greetings from China! Absolutely fascinating work that you are doing! Do you surmise that this mega-structure in Scotland is pre-flood? Perhaps this Cyclopean structure was built around the time of the Tower of Babel? I am also intrigued, as you are, that nobody is talking about it?? 'Modern Science': if we do not understand it, we just ignore it :) Such a pity! Thanks for your fantastic work! God Bless you! - Steve - China - 15/08/10



My RESPONSE to STEVE: 15/08/19:


Great to hear from you Steve. I have put some of your comments on my website. Unfortunately, I think that what you said is true and that SCIENCE in the WEST buries what it either does not understand - or let's say does not want to understand.


The modern SCIENCE paradigm is: The TRUTH is: 'whatever we say it is' and if it does not fit into the 'Evolutionary Paradigm' that 'we have created' to 'CONTROL the masses', then we don't want to know what you have discovered.


It is just like the book 1984 where the 'powers that be' keep re-writing the history books to suit the situation - as to what 'they want the masses to believe' - all about CONTROL.

 Here is the LINK on my website. I have written an extensive WRITE-UP after the VIDEOS and photos explaining why I think that the CYCLOPEAN structures that we filmed in Scotland  are from Pre-Flood times. It is to do with Ancient advanced Technology. There was indeed some of that used at the Tower of Babel but it was greater before the Great Flood in around 2500 B.C.E.