'Part 1' – August 20th 2019 – by S.N.Strutt 

'Part 2'  - follows on (23/08/19)

I was recently asked a very important question by a gentleman in China concerning our recent archaeological 'find' in Scotland.***

He asked me if I was sure that the CYCLOPEAN STRUCTURES were built before the Great Flood or just right after the Great Flood at the time of the Tower of Babel? (250 years after the Great Flood OR 2250 BCE)


Amazingly, I was just going through my new book ‘Jasher Insights’ Book I, when I came to chapters 9-10 which were talking about the Tower of Babel.

(See my new book Jasher Insights Book I:] 

Why is this important to the argument you might ask?

OK! The Cyclopean fortification which we have found would seem to have some sort of MORTAR holding the giant rocks together – although it is a very strange type of mortar that is both multi-layered and it crumbles to dust in ones hand, although it is very heavy and a substance that is just as heavy as the substance of the massive rocks around it.

We even thought that the mortar used - could have possibly been lava - but who knows - we need expert opinion on this one.

The following is a direct quote from my book 'JASHER INSIGHTS' BOOK I - chapter 9.24

JASHER 9.24 'And they began to make bricks and burn fires to build the city and the tower that they had imagined to complete'.

GEN.11:3 'And they said one to another, ‘Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly’. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar'.

Book of Jubilees 10:20 'And they began to build, and in the fourth week they made brick with fire and the bricks served them for stone, and the clay with which they cemented them together was asphalt which comes out of the sea, and out of the fountains of water in the land of Shinar'.

JASHER 9.27 'And when they were building they built themselves a great city and a very high and strong tower; and on account of its height the mortar and bricks did not reach the builders in their ascent to it, until those who went up had completed a full year, and after that, they reached to the builders and gave them the mortar and the bricks; thus was it done daily'.


Chapter 10:2 'And when the Lord had scattered the sons of men on account of their sin at the tower, behold they spread forth into many divisions, and all the sons of men were dispersed into the four corners of the earth'.

Comment:1: ‘All the sons of men were dispersed into the four corners of the earth’. God forcibly moved the continents with the peoples that were on them; so obviously it happened sometime after the collapse of the Tower of Babel. It is stated in the Bible that the earth was divided in the days of Peleg'.

At one time apparently, all the continents of the planet were joined together. (PANGAEA)

At the time after the destruction of the Tower of Babel by God Himself, the lands were separated from each other very suddenly, as they moved apart at around 50 miles/hour.

This is indeed an amazing concept, as if all the continents were moving apart relative to each other sometime immediately after the collapse of the Tower of Babel because of God’s judgements, then how did the peoples of the earth survive the gargantuan movement of the earth’s crust without being killed? A very good question. SEE the Hydro-plate theory BELOW ****.

Supposedly, the original mass of the earth was separated into 7 continents all joined together rather like the seams on a baseball which occured at the Flood.

All it took, was for another major calamity some 250 years after the Great Flood, right in the centre of all the land masses and then all the continents started moving apart. Probably quite rapidly at first and eventually they slowed down drastically.

This also explains many of things and animals found common to all the continents [****SEE Walt Brown’s Hydro-plate theory:]

In examining the evidence it would appear that before the Great Flood there was an advanced race of Giants who were also known as the gods and demi-gods who were the sons of the Annunaki or the Fallen angels.

Before the Great Flood they built empires such as Atlantis and Lemuria and the land of Mu.

These advanced civilizations were probably not the ones who built all the cyclopean structures all around the world such the pyramids and many other amazing structures.

Notice that the amazing structures built before the Great Flood were made of gigantic rocks piled the one on top of the other and WITHOUT MORTAR’

On the other hand the TOWER OF BABEL was made with BRICKS and MORTAR - using lime and thus forming LIMESTONE.

From the above analysis it would seem much more likely that the FORTIFICATIONS in our Scottish mountains were probably made by races who were driven away by God himself at the time of the destruction of the Tower of Babel and where He forcibly dispersed the nation to the 4 corners of the earth.

They took their knowledge of building from having been part of the original team of people who helped to build the Tower of Babel with them and built the CYCLOPEAN STRUCTURES here in the Scottish mountains.

Well, that is one possibility.

But there are other more challenging possibilities which I will write about shortly in Part 2 of this article.

Once that had happened then the earth itself split apart at the seams of the continents in what is know as the continental drift.

However this did not happen millions of years ago - but only around 4200 years ago. We can prove that from the Bible and from the apocryphal books as well as other ancient texts.

It also happened suddenly and quickly in the days of Peleg 250 years after the Great Flood of Noah.  

This also means that the inhabitants of Scotland originally came to live here around 4200 years ago.

See the video of Walt Brown’s Hydro-plate theory as it explains the spreading out of the continents very well.


 PT 2 - by S.N.Strutt - 23/08/19


QUESTION: Was it built before or after the Great Flood of Noah?  

If you are familiar with both my website and my first five books then you will know that I believe that the earth is Hollow and not solid. With that in mind let’s examine the following.

The Garden of Eden according to the Jewish mystic book of the Zohar was originally created inside a HOLLOW EARTH so also says the Books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees as well as the Bible itself also alluding to it for those who want to see. I have also read a book by an author called Alan Trenholm who claims to have visited HELL itself in the INNER EARTH in a vision mentioned in his excellent book ‘Journey to Gragau’ - which you can find at - where he was so surprised to see that the INNER EARTH had an inner sun.

Everything that I have researched during the past 8 years has always  lead me back to the 'earth' being 'hollow'.

Why is this important you might say concerning our discussion of our recent possible Cyclopean find here in Scotland? Well let’s consider the following.

When you study all five of my books - 4 of which are based on Apocryphal books and ancient Jewish books - it is like putting together the pieces of a big puzzle and the overall picture from these books together with the Bible would indeed indicate that the Garden of Eden was  created inside an Inner Earth.

Also in my books you will find the consistent story of Fallen Angels having come done to earth before the Great flood and having mated with the human women which created hybrid humans and giants known in old times as the gods and demi-gods.

As the perversion of the fallen angels increased in the post Enochian times or around 1000 AC = years after the Creation until the Great Flood in 1658 then the next lot of Fallen angels started mating with both animals and even fish and other creatures creating in essence chimeras of all sorts. Fortunately most of these were destroyed at the time of the Great Flood.

This is a very big topic in itself which I have covered in my books. It would seem that the only hybrids that survived the Great Flood were those who lived in the sea such as Mermaids or the daughters of the Sirens -which I covered in my books and on my website.

Here is what I personally think happened from the Creation until just after the Tower of Babel which resulted in the dispersion of mankind to the 4 quarters of the earth and subsequently was followed by the dividing of all the 7 continents on the planet around 4250 years ago or 250 years after the Great Flood.

1)  God created the Garden of Eden inside the earth.

2)  God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden - and they went to live somewhere outside of the Garden of Eden, but still inside the Inner Earth.

3) Cain was banished and went to live in in distant region from the original Garden of Eden but also inside the hollow earth

4) Noah came along – the Great Flood finally carried what was left of mankind to the outer earth with the 8 souls yet remaining.

5) I have many times wondered why if there were around 1 Billion people living before the Great Flood how come we don’t have more records of that past and in particular about supposed advanced races that lived and reigned over mankind before the Great Flood?

Well if Noah lived inside the earth until the Great Flood it is very possible that he didn't know about what was going on on the outer surface with the depraved 'advanced giant civilizations' - who ended up destroying each other.

I think we only came to know about these advanced civilizations after the Great Flood - as mankind started finding the ancient ruins such as the Pyramids and Easter Island and perhaps these amazing cyclopean structures that we have just discovered here in Scotland.

The ancient knowledge was observed after the fact by their ruins and writings on ancient structures.

It was as though those Giants before the Great flood knew that judgement was coming upon them (See the Book of the Giants) and they built great structures - as they wanted to make a name for themselves that would be remembered throughout all time - even circumventing the Great Flood.

6) There used to be a Book of Noah that unfortunately has largely disappeared. Whether accidently or deliberately covered up I can’t tell you, but why did the Catholic church hide the Book of Enoch for 1000 years on the threat of death?

7) I would love to see the original book of Noah. Today we can find around 5 chapters from the original book of Noah weaved into the Book of Enoch.

8) According to the book of Jubilees ( which I am working on for my 6th book –‘Jubilees Insights’ which should be available in a  few months time ) - Noah wrote a book about HERBS & SPICES which was dictated to him by God’s angels of the Presence telling him the secrets of all the herbs and spices on the earth and how to cast out bad spirits. Why do you suppose that that particular book has disappeared?

9) There is so much evidence that there existed a super-race of giants or the sons of the Fallen angels who moved from the inner earth some 500  years before the Great Flood and came to set-up their kingdoms on the virgin outer-surface of the earth. Apparently they established amazing kingdoms such as Atlantis and Lemuria and the Land of Mu and other such civilizations.They took peoples from the original INNER EARTH as their slaves. There are some amazing books in India that do talk about this time period of 5000 years ago mentioning advanced civilizations who used flying machines and also lasers and had deadly weapons. Apparently some of these kingdoms wiped each other out in massive wars well before the Great Flood. All of that remained of those advanced kingdoms were destroyed by the Great Flood. But that is only a little bit about them. What about Portals and the Fallen angels travelling to other worlds and star systems and other dimensions? Why were the pyramids and Stonehenge and other cyclopean structures all aligned with the stars and in particular with Orion’s Belt? Many tell us that the pyramids are Portals to other realms.

10) In the Pre-Flood world the earth was nowhere near as mountainous as today and probably no more than 6000 feet high mountains at least on the outer surface of the earth. The high mountain ranges were pushed up as the continents drifted apart sometime after the destruction of the tower of Babel by God Himself in 2250 BCE.

11) Why are there ancient Cyclopean structures such as in Machupicchu – in Peru at 13000 feet which used to be a Sea Port? What happened? (* See my article:


I think that it is still possible that the ancient Cyclopean structures that we have personally discovered in Scotland this June 26th 2019 were originally built before the Great Flood or around 5000 years ago - when the UK was still part of one large land mass (Pangaea) and was located pretty much in the centre of that massive land mass.

There were also seas and oceans inside Pangaea, but they were nowhere near as deep as the seas became after the Great flood.

Here is what I propose could be one possibility. The buildings that we found in Scotland were built before the Flood in an area that belonged to one of the super races.

At the time of the Great Flood everything was buried by sand and sea. In the process the earth had become cracked where we find the continental plates today - except they all used to be joined together and not spread apart.

The judgement by God Himself of the Tower of Babel was so destructive that the weak point in Pangaea super-continent broke and the 7 continents started to drift apart (*See my article:

In some places on the earth mountain ranges were forced up just after the Tower of Babel’s destruction by God Himself.  I think that this is the case here in Scotland.

Even though we have found some kind of MORTAR between the massive rocks – the following is a possible scenario:

The Fortificiations were originally built at Sea level – thus using Limestone (a rock found under water or created by water).

After the Great flood the mountains ranges were thrust up and so were the cyclopean buildings here in Scotland. This was also around the same time that God drove mankind away from the Tower of Babel and mankind was separated to the four winds.

Apparently, it was Japheth’s son Gomer who pioneered the British Isles and his sons pioneered Scotland in around 2250 BCE. (Here is something someone just sent me: ‘He traces the names of the kings of the 4 royal houses of the Anglo Saxons clear back to Japheth the son of Noah in their writings. Also the Welsh who still speak in native tongue what is called "Gomeraeg" after his son Gomer’ -John Benjamin)

(See my new book ‘JASHER INSIGHTS’ BOOK 1 - Chapter 10.8)  ‘And the children of Gomer according to their cities were the Francum in the land of Franca – that is another name for France today which is right next  to the UK over the British Channel - so the UK would have been the very next country to have been inhabited after France.

The new inhabitants of Scotland could have rebuilt the ancient cyclopean structures that they now found in the mountains and this time they used MORTAR to repair the ancient ruins as they had used mortar in the building of the Tower of Babel.

It is clear that  after the Greet Flood that new Giants reappeared (not as monstrously big as before the Great flood) but without  the same powers and technology that was afforded before the Great Flood.

God not only got rid of disobedient mankind but he also put big restrictions on the Fallen angels and their sons the giants who when they died or were killed in battle became the disembodied spirits of the giants known today as demons.

Before the Great flood mankind could see both the fallen angels and their sons the Giants. After the Great Flood mankind could no longer see the Fallen angels and the original Pre-Flood giants as they were now invisible or in a different dimension.

So there were many things that were very different after the Great Flood as compared with before the Great Flood.

What I have written above are two different possibilities as to when many of the CYCLOPEAN structures and buildings were actually built.

I would still like to see some archaeologists take a big interest in digging up the massive stone Fortifications that we have stumbled accross here in Scotland.

Please feel free to write me with your comments at: Steve -