AUTHOR: S.N.S: I sent Pt one of my article 'ANCIENT TIMES' [ ] which was in answer to Steve Thompson's original question as to whether I thought that the Cyclopean Structures that we recently found here in Scotland were - built  BEFORE or AFTER the GREAT FLOOD?

COMMENT from: Steve Thompsom -China 24/08/19

Hi Stephen,

What a fascinating reply! Thank you very much that you are so diligent in your work! God Bless you! 
When I was young (and oh so naive!), when reading the Bible I thought, in my own conceited way, that some words seemed 
unnecessary, such as the word 'slime' for mortar in reference to the building of the Tower of Babel... For it just seems
rather obvious that one would use some kind of mortar when constructing a stone building... 
However, now that I have such learned teachers as you to enlighten me, I realize that EVERY word in the Bible is absolutely PACKED with meaning!!! The Bible is very concise in its description of long time periods. God has seen fit 
to be very PARTICULAR about each and every WORD!! It is all rather amazing! 
Many, many thanks for your amazing insights into this wonderful subject: Cyclopean Structures. 
I will indeed ponder this subject, pray, and see if I can come up with anything else!
Much love, prayers and blessings!
I am totally open to suggestions in all fields of both History and Science - as most of it has to be re-written with the foundation stones of Truth and Honesty coming first and foremost.
What we write now under God's inspiration - can be used both now and the Millennium as long it glorifies God to both teach and train others.
Best Wishes,