God bless you Steve!

What I don´t see clearly is why it looks like in the future we're not going to use the under Earth, save to locate the rebels and hold them there until they repent.
Wouldn't it be simpler and more beautiful to have the Garden of Eden on the surface of the Earth?
It's my quest after reading some of your ideas.
- AndresNV
( A work in progress -I will add Bible verses)
Dear Andre,
Great hearing from you as always.
IN ANSWER TO YOUR VERY GOOD QUESTION:  That is indeed a very good question. Well if those of us who theorize that the earth is indeed Hollow then I would imagine that eventually all areas of the original creation will be made perfect once the Heavenly City comes down at tthe end of the Millenium. By that time there won't be any more evil and both Hell and Death will have been thrown into the the Lake of Fire.
According to Jewish book the Zohar - the Garden of Eden was located originally in the centre of the Earth - however just like it says in the Book of Revelation that God Himself took the 'Ark of the Covenant' up to Heaven, maybe God could have also taken the 'Garden of Eden' back to Heaven?
The only problem with that is that Jesus Himself mentioned to the guy on the cross next to him.' 'tonight you shall be in Paradise with me'.
Where did Jesus go that night? Scriptures say that he decended into Hell to witness to the people down there - inferring that Paradise was inside the earth.
Not that it matters that much - as eventually the earth which has been usurped by Satan in its entirety at present, will be totally cleansed and therefore the whole earth both INSIDE and OUTSIDE will become a Paradise - Garden of Eden and not just one small protected area - the whole planet. WOW! 
Best Wishes,
COMMENT: 2 04/09/19
Dear Stephen
TYSVM for your article. You email only has option for me to reply to all, thats why I need to reply in a new message. Thanks for taking the time to answer on flat earth theory. I have just started reading and you caught my attention with 12 bermuda triangles. Oh my!