QUESTION - ESTRELLA - 09/09/19 Monday

On your Post-Brexit page: it shows a “Must see” Video for those new to understanding Brexit, so I clicked on it and it says “Video Unavailable.” This has happened several times when I click on some of your listed or recommended videos. I was wondering if you or someone once and awhile can remove such videos (“Not available”) so as not to be disappointed? Politics is not my strong point. So I was wondering if this Brexit issue is fulfilling Bible Prophecy?

Could the UK be one of the '3 horns' that get 'ripped out' by the 'roots' by the coming ANTI-CHRIST - mentioned in Book of Daniel CHAPTER 11 - who do not want to cooperate with the EU or united plan of the A.C. to eventually create a 'One world government' of which the EU is but one of the pieces and thus provoking the anger and fury of the ANTI-CHRIST?