2. Jun, 2020


Hi, Steve, from Mystical Bible. We are responding to your call for prophecies about Covid19.

Following are links for 3 youtube videos we've uploaded  within the last month.

Plus we've attached a file to this note with 
some other related prophecies. God bless you, lots of love from MB

God bless you, there are quite a few prophecies included here. They are in order from latest to earliest.
Dated from January to May this year. We pray that they help somehow.

“So why would God allow His children to be locked out of their church buildings? Perhaps His children are spending too much time and money on the building and not on the work of God; which is evangelizing and spreading the Gospel into all-the world? Mark 16:15
Fellowship is a good thing, Paul said so himself, but if you are spending more time on fellowshipping than reading and studying God’s Word then are you not like the 5 foolish virgins whose lamps were empty of oil when the Bridegroom arrived for the wedding feast?
Corona is one of the signs of the times spoken of in Matthew 24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. The Lord is using this pestilence to give His children a heads-up for what is coming next.

In Psalms 138:2 it says that God exalts His Word even above His Own Name. In the first chapter of John it says that Jesus is the Word of God and the Word of God saves. Jesus saves, so if you are not putting top priority on His Word; that is living in it and obeying it and living by it then it will be impossible for you to know what is coming next, or be ready for it!!
Paul said in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 what Jesus said in Matthew 24…exactly. They worded it differently but they both said that Jesus Christ’s second coming would come after The Antichrist’s reign of terror on the earth. You should read both chapters and compare, you might be surprised. [Matthew
24:29-31 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-9].
This would be a very good reason for the Lord to take away your Sunday church fellowships and to get you back into serious study of His Word. You are entering very serious days beloved but it would seem you are not taking the Lord’s warnings seriously enough. Closing all church’s…that’s world-wide mind you, is, in my opinion a mild rebuke; it could have been a lot worse. If you are a wise virgin start filling
your lamp with the oil of His Word.”
This is the prophecy we used in the video “Gaining Ground”.
"Giving up gained ground is not in the game plan. The things that are happening in the world right now; lockdowns, more control to enforcement agencies; police, financial, health, immigration; fear being used as a tool to control the masses.. show us that the political map the world has followed for years is being rewritten. Democracy is being slowly phased out and replaced with dictatorial policies, that are"for the safety and well-being of the people". Do not be surprised if the right to choose who governs will soon be a thing of the past. The Corona tool has been well used to gain much growth in One World governance circles. Much like a football game; hard fought for ground is held onto at all costs; that is
cost to the other side not theirs. The world is being deliberately and purposefully moved in one direction. For thousands of years the books of Daniel and Revelation have forewarned us of a 7th and final World empire that would rise to power immediately before the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Himself said to watch for the signs of the times; look to the books of Daniel if you are to know the truth. Paul said that the man of sin would arise during a time of great apostasy.
Tighter controls will come, ground gained will not be given back, vaccination or certificate of health or whatever they call it is only a means to tighten the strings. No man will buy or sell save he that has the mark simply means control of the world economy through electronic banking. Which means those justified by faith in Jesus will have to live by faith in not too distant future."
“It’s a sad thing about human nature; but it is a rare thing for man to stir himself without some catalyst, some ox goad to prod him out of his indifference. And then there are those that are motivated by greed, which again goads them into action; but for the wrong reasons. This time of coming persecution called the great tribulation can be a time of great reaping; to be the best reapers possible you must not think
of yourselves, you must think of yourselves as tools designed to wear out on My altar of sacrifice; that is what a reaping machine does, it reaps and reaps and reaps until it is worn out. Your lives are not your own, so don’t look to saving yourselves from this virus and the virus’ that will follow and the mark of the beast and the plagues of Egypt that will fall on this world. But look at why I am allowing them to fall. I
am separating the tares from the wheat so that when it comes time for My reapers to enter the field they will clearly see where the wheat stands and where the tares stand. But remember that this reaping will be done during great calamity on the earth; so love not your lives unto the death, put them in My
hands and allow Me to use you as I will. Put your sheep first when I call you to go out. Always listen to Me and go at My command, but always be thinking of reaching the lost through your actions, your sample and through a word fitly spoken. I love you and will stand strong on your behalf as we enter the great tribulation together. “
“Why is it crawling unremittingly toward your camp, why won’t it stop? Is there anything you can do to keep it at bay?
This is a time of great testing My loves; testing your faith and the faith of My church children, and it is a time of purging, a time of decision for men, not just a few men, but all men. Like the flood of Noah, this flood must affect all men, as a warning, as judgment, as a sifting as preparation for the coming of the man of sin. I say a thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come
nigh unto you. Be sober My sweet brides, be vigilant for your adversary wishes for you to fall, but it is not My will, neither can it be. For as My obedient and yielded brides who snuggle closely to My breast, under My strong wing, the enemy is not able to exact upon you. Stay there always, at all times, in the house, out of the house, on the farm, out witnessing, in the market, on the motorbike. This thing will
surely pass, and when it does I will send you out again to the towns and villages surrounding your haven and then you will see the effect this thing has had on the proud and haughty. The church has taken a blow; those within its system who were unsure of where to find their meat are now finding that I am all
they have. Those that trusted in their false shepherds and in the system they built for them will return to their vomit and like dogs will lap up the scraps and lies passed down to them from their benefactors.
So as promised I will allow more purging so that My church, My family, My children will be made white even unto the time of the end. “
“People don’t truly realize how embedded the AC government is in each country. They have been working relentlessly toward the goal of world leadership. You are in the final stage of the prophecy given by Daniel. You are living in the times of the toes, the time is at hand. Any government that does not relent, those that thought that they could stand alone have seen that they can’t. The hit men have been
sent out and have covered the globe; each government has been informed of their place in the grand scheme. Threats, money, promises, the normal tools of their trade, have worked to bring all into the net.
The political process in many countries has come to a standstill over this corona problem. Policies that would normally not even get in the door have taken over the floor and demand attention, demand a vote and if not a vote, pushed through to law. ________ is no exception; the weak, greedy men in power
have yielded willing to their baser instincts and gone for the money and power and have swallowed the promises like school children offered candy, they run to do their masters bidding.
Call on the keys beloved; that’s why I gave them to you, call on their power to raise you above all the crap that the worldlings are wallowing in, they drink it in, they slurp it up; they are so easily manipulated by the riches of this world. The carnal minded men of this world rush like dogs to the carcass, tearing and ripping at the corpse. For that is what this world has become, a dead thing, already
beginning to rot and stink. Yet these carrion eaters feast on it like maggots. They will vomit it up in the not too distant future.
As I have told you, you will be sent out again after this pestilence has passed, but for now preach and teach to whoever will listen, that is My call to you. Use the videos, use the internet, and use the tracts and word of mouth…My Words will accomplish the purpose all you have to do is send it out. Do not underestimate the power of the Word and the Keys.
Once this pestilence has passed there will be a break, a respite. It is then that I will send you out again to sow and to reap. This process of resting, sowing and reaping will be your modus operandi for at least the rest of this year and into the next. Things may seem slow to you now, but believe Me a huge storm is
brewing and when it sweeps across the world you will want to be ready, you will be so thankful that I gave you this time of respite, this time of strengthening. Please My loves, use it wisely. Now is a time for prayer, your prayers play a vital role in building the future, yes My dearest ones, your prayers are so powerful, so all encompassing, so vital in laying the ground work of the road ahead. Do not underestimate your prayers. Use this time to learn obediencein the smallest things, the quietestwhispers, the checks, the thoughts that need to be prayed through, the dreams, the impressions, anything that comes your way.”
“Deeper, ever deeper we go; there is no other way but up; as the world gets darker; as the prison doors close around you; as the world goes into permanent lock-down, My children of faith will fly higher.
Those of My children and those of the world that have chosen the flesh, the rudimentary pleasures of this world will be herded as cattle into ever increasing bondage. Whereas you My children of David; you will fly higher than you have ever flown before. No trap can hold you, no fear can overcome you, no system designed program can ensnare My spirit that dwells within you. Even if your flesh is bound to
this earth, My spirit within you is free and the more we become one through our love relationship the more freedom you will have. The impossible will become possible for you, for you will simply rise above the chains that the enemy sends to bind you to his system and his world. True freedom comes through loving Me, true freedom comes through obedience to Me and My voice, My voice that comes from within you. You must sharpen these gifts that I have given you through constant practice. You must
allow Me more access, a fuller more complete possession, and this can only be done through obeying what I’ve already told you in My Word. Spending time with Me, as much time as possible with Me, will enhance your ability to rise above the things of this world that are even now threatening to tie you down. There is only one true freedom, and that is freedom of the spirit, My spirit. Your spirit is bound to your body, but My spirit is not. Full possession will give you that freedom you seek, that you will need as the doors of the system close down tighter. It is true what you are surmising; the system will not give up what it has gained through this Corona business; for through this and other programs in the past and programs that are yet to come, the system is making secure all those who want to use their services. It is a net that is intended to catch all, because they think that all are tied to the things of this world; that is the way of flesh. But I have said that man cannot live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of My mouth. The carnal mind cannot comprehend this simple statement because it is tied to the essentials of this world and the carnal ways to obtain those essentials. My Word transcends the ways of
man and lifts the believer into the spirit world and all these necessary things to sustain life become irrelevant and secondary. But I say this is only done by obeying what I’ve been telling you for quite some time now. In fact if you stop right now and read Matthew 6:19 till the end of the chapter you will see I tried to make man aware of this concept a long long time ago. Those Words were covered over by church tradition, making them of none effect. I have been uncovering them in your lives these many
years, and now you are seeing the full purpose of those Words. I have added precept upon precept, until now you have the new weapons at your command that have the power you need to take you all the way. “
“Do you remember the dream about fleeing ahead of the turkey hunt? Isn’t this corona like a turkey hunt? The devil is looking for you and all those stragglers that are dragging their feet , who are not standing in line like they should. His eye is everywhere, watching and observing who is who, but most importantly who isn’t who they seem to be….like you! Yes you My loves are not who you seem to be, you are hidden in their system and he is trying to root you out. He is trying to uncover the rebels, the
alternatives, those that think they don’t need his system; those that he feels are abusing their rights by using his generosity. He is continually throwing his net out into the waters at this time to catch all the fish; and that includes you. Of course you know he can’t because you do not look for a carnal way around his system, you are not looking for an alternative way whilst at the same time enjoying the modcons and dainties of his system. No, you are not like that at all, you belong to Me you are not here to milk the system in the same way as those of alternative thought, they do not know Me as you do, many
are not even that interested in Me and My ways. So fear not what is happening around you, for he is merely throwing out his drag net to drag the very corners of this world in order that all the world wonder after his magnificence and that all the world be marked with his demonic number. “
“China is in trouble that is certain. The leadership of that country and therefore many of the people of that country are in many ways overdue for judgment. They have closed their hearts to the gospel and instead chosen the way of cold, calculating science; they are building a society that is indeed a prototype
of the fast approaching AC’ final empire. They have long ago numbered all their citizens and taken almost total control over their lives. The hearts of many in this country have become as cold as their religion. Outwardly they pretend to be civil and civilized, but inwardly they have become mechanical and unfeeling toward others. China is somewhat like the kingdoms of man was before Babble; this country is
as you said, a plague eating up everything in its path, unstoppable, except by the Lord. This country is the epitome of consumerism and is eating the world alive. A virus like this can show them what their nature is like, if they will stop to listen. But you see many of them have forgotten God or worse do not want to listen to Him. The curse does not causeless come; it is plain for God’s children to see, but many
of them are also caught up in the evil tentacles of consumerism, and like God’s children in the US, are choosing the way of death. Do not fear putting in Revelation 22:19 as a warning; for it is only one of many sins and fornications that China is blatantly committing. Her cup is well filled. She will recover from this but it will be as a sign to many that they are not as they like to think, totally in control of their destiny. They have become as the hordes of Mongols who will sweep across the world consuming and destroying everything in their path. This plague will slow them down somewhat but will not dampen their desire for conquest; they have tasted of that bounty and want more and more, they will not stop here, they want the world to become Chinese. They will however meet their match in the form of the son of perdition. He will be far more evil than even they.
The US have also filled their cup, however it is not yet time for judgment, even though in many people’s eyes it would seem overdue. America has a few more scenes yet to play before the final one plays out in all its horror.”
“The coronavirus along with the other 10 or so plagues , various wars and economic ailments afflicting our planet at this very moment, are simply a smoke screen hiding a portentous yet visionary end game plan; and it matters little whether these events are staged, manipulated or natural.
Everyone…even those who think they are in control of the chessboard have been or yet will be deceived by a sleight of hand. The devil is a liar and the Father of Lies (John 8:44) and ultimately will not portion his kingdom with anyone. He is the author of confusion and through confusion and its resultant terror
will bring himself to his dream. Unlike Jesus, our true Creator, the devil cares nothing for the human race and its dreams.
Analysing portentous metaphors in the book of Revelation and then trying to compare those
descriptions therein with current events can lead to confused conclusions. It was not the intention of the Author to confuse us; only to inform us of events leading up to and beyond two momentous events.
These two events are the revelation of the Antichrist, (Daniel 7:8; 8:9, Matthew 24:15, 2 Thessalonians
2:3) and the 'Mark of the Beast' commonly known as 666, (Revelation 13:16-18).
When asked: “what were the signs of His coming and of the end of the world?” Jesus first listed events similar to what is happening right now in our world as “only the beginning of sorrows”. He went on to explain that the preaching of the gospel must be completed; after which He gave an irrefutable sign. A
sign which will be so identifiable it will cause us to flee to the mountains. He did not warn us to flee when witnessing the ‘beginning of sorrows’ signs; He did not warn us to flee when witnessing the ‘completion of the gospel being preached ‘sign. He said flee when you see the abomination that maketh desolate. This sign will not be a mystery when it happens; we will see and we will understand exactly what to do. (Matthew 24:15)
All the manipulated, created and natural confusion we are beholding right now is being used as a smoke screen, a blind, disguising the expertly laid funnel leading to the trap. Very skilful engineers are laying the final touches to the final solution that will (hopefully) snare all souls on the earth today.(Revelation 13:16-18)

If you are wondering what the big deal is then please read Revelation 14:9-12

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