14. Oct, 2020



INTRODUCTION: My wife had a very interesting dream about ISRAEL and a RED HEIFER on the early morning of the 31st August. The dream was simple and yet quite specific, clear and seemed to be very important. (NB. it is very rare that we have ever had specific and seemingly very important dreams like this one)

Here then is the dream:

“I saw some hills with boulders or rocks at of top of them looking rather precariously perched. On the hillside were many cattle grazing, and in an adjoining field there were also sheep grazing. There was a path leading down the hill to a village in the distance of houses one sees in the Middle East of white houses with flat roofs.

I then saw that a ‘red heifer’ had separated out from the herd of cattle and was walking down the road very gracefully and it was perfect and without blemish or spot.  

Continuing with the dream: ‘There was also this man who was dressed in modern clothes and was supposed to be taking care of the cattle, but was being very negligent and seemed not to notice that the ‘red heifer’ was separating itself from the herd and walking slowly down the path to the village in the distance. This ‘keeper of the cattle’ was off in the hedges and was taking some of his clothes off. He seemed totally ‘oblivious’ or ‘unconcerned’ about what was going on as in regards to the ‘red heifer’ escaping from the herd”.

“In the dream I had my Bible with me as did my husband. I exclaimed that Isaiah chapters 17 and 18 had been ripped out of my Bible, and strangely my husband also found the exact same chapters had been ripped out of his Bible.”

THE FACTS CONCERNING A RED HEIFER: According to the Old Testament and Jewish scriptures which can be found in Numbers 19.2-17, a red heifer would be needed, which is a very rare occurrence and would be used as a sacrifice to purify the 3rd Temple with the ashes of the heifer as a ‘purifying offer for sins’ unto God at the time of the building of the ‘’third temple in Jerusalem, and would be offered as a sacrifice upon the altar.

This would then signify the start of the LAST 7 YEARS of history and the arrival of the Jewish MESSIAH – one whom we Christians call the Antichrist as the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus as their Messiah 2000 years ago -but not necessarily all Jewish people.

There are many Messianic Jews today who believe that Jesus had to have been the Messiah due to the many miracles that he performed and the many signs and prophecies concerning his birth, crucifixion, and death, as clearly mentioned in the Old Testament books.

Steve: A possible meaning of the dream? The rocks at the top of the hill precariously perched would suggest a time of trouble and either geological upheavals such as earthquakes or volcanoes or even a sign of the coming judgments of God. Is it possible that the man in the dream or better said ‘false shepherd’ represented ‘politics’ that was oblivious to the truth and they were ‘caught with their pants down’ as so often is the case. The kind of ‘false shepherds’ not caring for their flocks and ‘not wanting to know about the signs of the times’? This got me thinking about how Jesus mentioned that ‘one jot or tittle shall not disappear from the law until all is fulfilled.

INTERPRETATION: If this dream is to be taken seriously, and if it really has tangible significance to our lives today as we certainly believe it has, then is a definite warning as to the shortness of time!

Could it is possible that the dream could mean that we are very close to the building of the long-ago prophesied 3rd Temple in Jerusalem which can only be built in the time of the Jewish coming Messiah or whom we Christians refer to as the false Messiah or the ANTI-CHRIST according to Matthew 24.15, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. There are also  references in both the books of Daniel and Revelations  concerning the 3rd Temple.


It would seem that all through history the ‘ruling powers’ of the time which are mostly satanic in nature have tried to stop God’s word from being fulfilled time and time again - and yet failed miserably.

Could it be that the godless governments of the world will try and resist the ‘fulfilment of  biblical prophecy’ in the coming of the antichrist and the last 7 years of world history and try to dress up the One World government that is also prophesied as coming with the Antichrist, and try and twist the narrative into something more scientific and less biblical?

Another odd detail. My wife said that some of the rocks looked shaped like potatoes.

We have an expression in English when someone is minimizing something we say ‘small potatoes’

Is that a possible meaning that the whole situation was being minimized and if so why and by whom?

NB. We have put the DREAM of the RED HEIFER on AUDIO because of its probable importance.

I have also brought out the main points mentioned in the two chapters in the Book of Isaiah - chapters 17 & 18 that my wife mentioned had been ‘ripped out’ of our Bibles in the dream.

I have also made an audio about the possibly significance of ISAIAH 17 and 18.Here is the link to the (30 minutes) AUDIO that I made about the possible significance of Isaiah chapter 17 and 18 in regards to the RED HEIFER DREAM: LINK: https://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/447480585


QUESTION: Why were these particular chapters ‘ripped out’ of the Bible in the dream? Well, I also wondered about that until I prayed and asked the Lord to help me to understand the main points of those two chapters and in what way they applied to the LAST 7 YEARS, THE 3RD TEMPLE, THE ANTI-CHRIST AND POSSIBLE JUDGEMENT OF GOD UPON THE EARTH.

As I have mentioned in my ‘INSIGHTS BOOKS’ - the reason why some books are ‘hidden away’ or ‘ripped out’ as in the above dream is clear: some powerful people do not like the content and the possible meaning and therefore do not what the public to know what the scriptures actually are talking about.

To remind people, I worked on my last 5 apocryphal or older books because many good books that used to be part of the canon or even the Jewish canon have been either minimized, taken out of the Bible or even black-listed when the books actually reveal a lot of interesting information concerning the supernatural.


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