28. Mar, 2022


Testimony about a visit to my home by both Jesus & the archangel Michael – By Julie Milon - Denmark 28/03/2022 


I had my first visit from Jesus, in Dec 2015, just before I made a trip back to Bangalore, India.

I was living upstairs here at my house. In a very small room, around 10square meter. I had just turned off my light to go to sleep and was in fact sleeping. 

Then all of a sudden, I woke up, and there was sitting an old woman on a chair at the end of my bed, with short grey hair, and Jesus was standing next to my bed. His face was blurry, I couldn’t see his face properly.

There were no words spoken, he took my hand. I then remembered an article that I had once read called, ‘Action through prayer’, where the girl holds an electric cable that goes up to the throne of God. 

He put the words into my head that everything was going to be OK. And a few months later I went to India to help out with an NGO


And my next visit was in April 2021. I woke up all of a sudden and saw Jesus sitting at the end of my bed, plus there stood another person in the shadow, which I found out later was the Archangel Michael.

He portrayed so much love into my being, so much understanding, and his eyes were like fire. No words were spoken. My life started to change dramatically after this last visit.

I can't put my finger on it and say what. All for good. I started to look at things differently.


I also wanted to share a dream that I had on the 2nd of January this year of 2022. I woke up to the sound of an old radical song called the ‘Eagle bleeds’ from the early 70’s. It was about ‘America going down’.

In my dream, I read in the papers that California was going down. Then I received that the money or the $ was going to collapse, plus the ‘The Warning song’ written in the early 70’s and words in 1966.


Turn your eyes toward Memphis for out of it shall come the Great Confusion. Even now the author of confusion is marshalling his forces for the Great Confusion. Friends that will join with him So sudden shall come the Great Confusion. Be Prepared! And be not deceived by the Great Society which will come to travail and then bring forth the Great Confusion. Be Prepared!’ Even now the skies are RED, RED with warning and BLACK BLACK with clouds gathering for the Great confusion which is almost upon you, which is almost upon you- BE PREPARED!!!

That was it. I right away sent this dream out to as many close friends as possible.

At the end I said, I urge you to stock up on survival food,  water and candles and whatever pertains to your situation.

ADDED 29/03/2022 I forgot to tell you I had another dream after the first one. It was also in January 2022. In my dream which was very vivid and short to the point . I dreamt that me and some friends came into a supermarket and all the shelves were almost empty. A woman said to us , go fast if you want some food. Also I received in prophecy that when the crash happens there will be utterly destruction. I saw an airplane cut in half lying on the ground .