Dear Steve,
I have been reading a lot of your posts in your website, and I want to share some revelations that I have received from the Lord!
We must always remember that God has already achieved the Victory, in that it is written in the Holy Scriptures that Jesus will return and judge this world in righteousness, and then rule for a thousand years! Indeed, Jesus will reign forever!
Hallelujah! Yet, we must go through this sometimes  painful process of time, and suffer some things until this glorious Second Coming of Jesus. Nevertheless, I know for a fact (because I have personally witnessed many!) that there will be miracles, miracles, great and awesome miracles which will happen all over the world in these coming years of tribulation.
We are on the winning side! God will not suffer His children to suffer more than we can bear, and there will be millions of His children in the world right up til the very End, ready to greet Jesus at His Second Coming! Some of the miracles we can look out for are: supernatural protection against ANY effects of this pathetic vaccination!
Healing! Mountain removal! Time travel! Fire out of people’s mouths! Lightning bolts shot at our enemies from our hands! Earthquakes! Pestilences! Plagues! Walking on water! Miraculous provision of food and water! Got the picture?
Jesus promised that we would do works ‘greater than these’! Personally; I am actually now looking forward to the fight ahead!...
Personally; I am actually now looking forward to the fight ahead! For the past few months, I have been depressed (COVID LOCKDOWN etc world restrictions), I will admit, but now I am sure that God is as Good as His Word, and will see us right through these difficult times with all the help we need!


When I was younger, I worried about some verses in the gospels about the souls of the unsaved who would be tormented forever in a lake of fire!

These last few months have shaken that fear right out of me! These unsaved people (NEW WORLD WORLD), who are currently unleashing so much misery and pain in the world right now will reap their own reward! For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind! They have sown pain and misery in the world, and they will reap much more in return! It is tragic, but nevertheless it will happen! God will take care of us!  - A FRIEND - 16/07/2020