GB Stephen for your excellent work, as always on  the NIGHTLIGHT radio shows with Simon


I don’t know if you are aware of the following but it was forwarded to me from A.N.V in South America just forwarded this to me and I believe it is a hugely significant supplement to what we know...


 “Just one little thing about Covid-19 Vaccine,
Please, take into account that if you receive these injections, you will start being property of Microsoft Corporation forever, Modified Human Organism, and they will have forever the ownership patent over you, therefore you will very likely become their slave-zombie forever! 

- Dave I.C - UK 28/02/2021

TKS Steve, your shows with Simon  are also very interesting and we listened to a former one together.  Your shows  we really like it asthey are both interesting and very informative in telling the truth.  Thank you so much for all your shows GBY. Pawel S.A -27/02/2021

Hi Stephen, Your books are awesome! I've just read about 1/3 of each of them, but will read more today and get back w/reactions asap.  I just listened to your Nightlight show:


...  and it's fantastic and we're passing the link on to all our friends! God bless you for your great message and work at Ez 3:17-19!

Best wishes,

Greg - Texas(USA)


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'Hi Steve, 
I just finished listening to your Nightlight Radio show with Simon about your new book ''Jubilees Insights'',
Amazing! Thanks so much! Have to get it
I wanted to mention to you a book along the line of the 3 helixes of the human DNA (you mentioned the book CORRUPTING THE IMAGE by Douglas Hamp). The book is ''A beautiful delusion'' from William Kinney. He writes about the 3rd helix made (maybe!) available by Satan in the endtime through science to humans, altering their DNA and that way  offering humans the ''eternal life'' through him, Satan, rejecting the gift of God through Jesus' death on the cross by faith alone which could be the mark of the beast, since it is a total voluntary, willful decision (Not like many think that maybe the imposed vaccination where people won't have a choice, will be the mark of the beast)  
And many will fall for it -- who would't think that living eternally, being freed of all sicknesses, is the most wanted thing for humans? 
During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them. Rev. 9:6
Anyway, if you haven't read that book  it is very interesting - maybe you will like it ( or parts of it!')
SUNDAY 15/11/2020
Hello Steve, I feel very privileged to have discovered you and your books, through the Nightlight show! Thank you so much! Your commentaries are a great help and inspiration. -William B. McGrath