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EDEN INSIGHTS’- Here is a quick summary of my new book  -by S.N.Strutt - 10th  August  2021

INTRODUCTION: EDEN INSIGHTS’ is about Adam and Eve and the hidden books such as 'THE LOST BOOKS OF ADAM AND EVE' concerning them and other info about the original Garden of Eden and what it was really like and how it all connects with Heaven.

What was it like living in Paradise? How did Adam and Eve react when they got kicked out of the Garden of Eden?

According to the APOCRYPHAL BOOKS 'THE LOST BOOKS OF ADAM AND EVE', they were totally devastated,heart-broken and were trying to find a way back into the Garden through repentance and fasting. 

However, God sent ‘His Word’ to them in person and told them that they would not be allowed back into the Garden of Eden until God had sent His Word to both die for them and all mankind's sins.

They could apparently actually see the Lord Creator (Jesus) hear him upon occasion in the beginning of time as well as being visited by the angels.

The pesky Satan kept showing up in different forms and disguises to tempt Adam and Eve once they were kicked out of the Garden.

All are very interesting extra details not found in the KJV of the Bible.

This is my 7th book and ‘EDEN INSIGHTS’ will include the ‘Lost Books of Adam and Eve’ Books 1 and 2 and a whole host of other collected info about them to make a much clearer and fuller picture all about Heaven and getting back there and everything in between from the beginning to the end. 

These books are full of emotions and heart-felt details from Adam and Eve,and in my opinion essential to read today in a world where often people are getting hardened in heart by both the deceitfulness of riches and other temptations and by seeing so much corruption and open deceit in nearly everything.

We look forward to when Jesus returns and takes over the earth and this whole physical dimension - for the Glory of God and finally locks up the bad guys for good - like Satan and his demons and devils and the Merchants of the earth who dance to their hellish tunes and destroy the earth...



The first Book of Adam and Eve details life that begins immediately after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and ends with God putting a distinguished ‘mark’ on Cain’s forehead for having murdered his brother Abel…The 2ND BOOK of Adam and Eve details the life from the times from Cain and his twin sister to the time when Enoch was taken up to heaven.

After having read these books and yet some others on the same topic of Adam and Eve,. What I intend to do with this book is to list all the main events and happenings and work with them to put together an even fuller picture than these original texts. How is that possible you might ask? Well, in modern times we are very blessed with many versions of ancient books being available, which was not possible in the recent past. We can comb through and with some imagination and godly wisdom and discernment by His Holy Spirit we can gather together many known experiences of the spirit world as well as supernatural happenings experienced by countless thousands of people and so we can get a more complete picture of what both heaven and the Garden of Eden were really like.

The Garden of Eden appears to have been not only a beautiful garden for God’s first creations to live in and enjoy, but it was a place where the spirit world and the physical world were blended together. A place where Adam and Eve could see the angels of God, who ministered unto Adam and Eve each day as long as (they) were in the Garden of Eden. The Lord Himself walked in the Garden of Eden in the ‘Cool of the day’ the Bible tells us. According to the 1st Book of Adam and Eve, when God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden, they were not even familiar with ‘walking’ as they were used to floating along in the ‘Garden of Eden’ similar I suppose to the inhabitants of Heaven itself.

Adam and Eve were apparently created as older teenagers of around 15 -18 years old. It is stated in the 2nd Book of Adam and Eve that Cain was 17 and Abel only 15 years old when Cain murdered his brother.

These two books bring out the fact that Satan often appeared to Adam and Eve in person as either a bright angel masquerading as one of the good angels or in disguise as a beautiful young woman like unto Eve the wife of Adam and stating that he was Eve’s twin sister tempting Adam when Adam was both fasting and separated from Eve for 40 days, grieving and sorrowful over the loss of his son Abel whom Cain had just murdered.

Sometimes Satan showed up with his fallen angels looking like angels of light to try and fool Adam to come down from the mountain of prayer and fasting. It states in these books that ‘God sent His word to Adam and Eve … but it sounds more like Jesus Himself in person went to talk with Adam and Eve and they could actually see God as he drove the devil away in answer to their desperate prayers time and time again. It is interesting that in the beginning Satan and his Fallen angels showed up showing that obviously they had fallen before the actual Creation of the world by God. We know that the first mention in the Bible of the Fallen angels is in Genesis 6 in the days of Jared, which the 2nd book of Adam and Eve also confirms.

According to the 1st Book of Adam and Eve, ‘The Garden of Eden’ was not just a physical garden but was created as a paradise where Adam and Eve were waited on by the angels and spirits and it was a dreamy place. Many people ask then why would God allow a slimy sneaky snake who became possessed by Satan be allowed to slither around the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and be able to even tempt Eve? Surely, if God had not put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden of Eden as well as the slimy snake then Adam and Eve would never have fallen, and we would all be much better off if sin had never entered into the world, causing all the pain and suffering and oppression by both man and the *Fallen angels?

*Fallen angels: known today as Devils and their sons the Giants before the Great Flood, as they were born of Fallen angels and the beautiful women on the earth according to GEN 6 in the Bible. When the Giants died before the Great Flood, they then came back as demons after the Great Flood to harm the humans on the earth.

Well, CHOICE is the answer to the above question. From reading extensively and also praying about this important question as to why God allowed ‘Evil’ to enter the Garden of Eden, apparently it started in the spirit world long before the actual physical universe was created by God. At one time the heavenly spirit world was only filled with wonderful people and angels and creatures of God and there was no evil. However, God had created CHOICE. Why? I asked the Lord that question one time and He told me it was because He wanted all of His Creation to love and worship Him as God, but of their own free will and not by force as in some oppressive religions.

You all know the story how that God’s most powerful archangel Lucifer fell and took one third of God’s angels with Him. As related so well in Ezekiel Chapter 28 in the Bible as well as Isaiah Chapter 14 and Revelations 12:6. After Lucifer God’s top archangel fell and went his own way with this whole host of Fallen angels, God realized that if he couldn’t even trust His angels then who could be trusted? What about all the people and spirits and beings in Heaven? Could they really be trusted, if tempted or given a choice to do good or evil? It was then that God decided to create the physical universe and to separate it from the spiritual dimensions in such a way that humans would no longer be able to directly see God and His angels and indeed the inhabitants of heaven.

Of course, God knew that Adam and Eve would fall from grace and be led astray by Satan, but He also knew that in their suffering and making mistakes and asking for forgiveness that they would actually end up much closer to the heart of God, than if everything had stayed perfect and heavenly. The original Books of Adam and Eve are very interesting and mention many points, some of which are mentioned in the Bible and some in the apocryphal books and yet with also many new details to those of us who have never read these books before. These books bring out the emotions of Adam and Eve just after getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden so well.

Having studied these and many other books like them, I come to the conclusion that the Garden of Eden was a sort of ‘in between’ dimension which was perhaps more heavenly than earthly.* *(Is there a connection with the dream world of when people are sleeping at night in the ‘Rest Zone’? What actually happens to us when we are sleeping. We are actually told by scientists that if we did not dream then we would die physically, but why?) It was as it were God’s infant cradle of civilization which would in fact prepare God’s first man and women for the much more difficult physical life which they were soon about to enter. According to the Books of Adam and Eve, when they first were kicked out of the Garden of Eden they were in very great sorrow and also confused as how to even walk or eat or take care of themselves. Whilst in the garden they had apparently been fully taken care of by the angels and ministering spirits by their own testimony in these deeply enlightening books. Once out of the garden of Eden Adam and Eve did not have a clue what to do and how to do it and therefore they had to get very desperate in prayer before God and of course God answered his first human children and took good care of them. They did also have a lot of trouble initially with the attacks of Satan against them with his cunning disguises and temptations. Satan was constantly trying to destroy Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden onwards as he was actually jealous of them believe it or not…You want to know why? Well, according Book 1 of Adam and Eve it was because, they unlike himself could find forgiveness by God and thus be brought into closer fellowship with God. Satan could not do that because as the Bible very succinctly puts it ‘Satan is the father of all the children of PRIDE’ – The book of Job. Only by humbling ourselves can we find FORGIVENESS.

There is an incredible statement in these books where Satan states that he hates Adam and Eve and all mankind. Why does he hate mankind? Because those of mankind that become righteous and truly follow God and are eventually saved by the WORD of GOD will replace the Fallen angels. Is this true? Find out in my new book.

I have never actually heard that said before although in the Bible, the Psalms do state ‘Thou has created us a little lower than the angels and crowned us with glory and honour’. Another verse in the New Testament affirms ‘What know ye not that we shall judge angels?’

So, one way or the other Satan and his fallen angels hate mankind with a vengeance and want to destroy all of God’s original physical creation. Fortunately for us God is the boss and is in perfect control of His creation and there is nothing that Satan can do without permission. Satan is limited according to the choices of mankind.

In the 2nd book of Adam and Eve, we see how that the righteous remained living on the mountain, not far from the Garden of Eden which was higher up the mountain both physically and spiritually as stated in these books and (guarded by an angel with a flaming sword) who was not allowed to allow Adam and Eve back into the garden of Eden according to both the Bible and this Book of Adam and Eve Book 1. The children of Cain lived at the bottom of the mountain. Those at the bottom of the mountain could not go up the mountain and those who had decided to join in the orgies and parties of the licentious daughters of Cain were not permitted to return to the mountain.

It would seem that God had created some sort of ‘spiritual gulf’ between those on the mountain – i.e the righteous and those on the bottom of the mountain – the wicked. In the Bible Jesus Himself told the story of Lazarus and the Rich man and how that there was a ‘spiritual gulf’ between them. Lazarus in Paradise in the centre of the earth, and the wicked rich man who had oppressed Lazarus during his lifetime in Hell. These two places, one good and other bad were side by side with a dimensional gap between them, although they could speak to each other across the dimensional barrier. That certainly sounds familiar doesn’t it. No man has seen God at any time and lived - John 1.18. & Exodus 33.20: However, we can still talk to God as communicating from one dimension to yet a higher dimension. This brings up the topic of portals.

ADDED 10/08/21

In the APPENDIX of this book it gives a lot of extra info. I talk in favour of women and against the oppression of them and how the traditional view of how things originally started, might actually have been slightly different according to the Lost Books of Adam and Eve.

Many religions have blamed women for man's downfall, but is that the whole story, or has it been used by religions in order to subjugate and dominate and even oppress women? I hope that you will find my new book EDEN INSIGHTS  enlightening.

Best Wishes, Steve.





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