The character of the Coming Anti-Christ - By S.N.Strutt 09/04/2021

Introduction: I have listed some of the points about the coming Anti-Christ world leader. I will add the Bible refs later. This will be an on-going study and I will put in many links shortly. I will also expand on each of the points mentioned below as well as add other points. If I have forgotten any points please write in and let me know.

The motto of the Elite is ‘Out of Chaos we will rule’. According to the Bible the Anti-Christ does NOT come on the world scene as a typical ‘pain in the neck’ politician or world leader like the ones we have today! – at least not in the beginning of his time as a world ruler.

The Anti-Christ, according to the Bible is going to start out at least, as a very different type of politician or world leader.

What do we know about this guy called the ANTI-CHRIST? We do know that he is very deceitful. What else does the Bible tell us about him and what have other Bible scholars suggested?

1)The Rise of the Anti-christ: The Rise of the Antichrist – End Time Info

2) As mentioned in the above article about 'The Rise of the Anti-Christ' He comes to power peacefully and obtains the kingdom by flatteries.

3) He also has something to do with Egypt: ALERT: Egyptian Parade of Pharaohs, the Most Expensive (500 million dollar) Occult Ritual in History is Preparing the Way for the Anti-Christ! - GenSix Productions

4) He is exceedingly charismatic and winsome

5) Some believe that he will put on amazing an UFO display when he comes to power showing that he is a hybrid creature and not fully human but part ‘Alien’ in nature.

6) He will be the leader of the coming DISCLOSURE.

7) He does new things which those before him have never done.

8) He divides up the land and gives it to the poor

9) He takes away the riches from the rich.

10) The N.W.O put him in power as their Satanic world leader

11) He eventually turns against those who put him in power

12) He exposes the corruption of the Elite and powerful

13) He ends up having most of the world ‘eating out of his hand’

14) He is the most popular leader the world has ever had.

15) He does not desire women but is married to his job

16) The 3rd Temple in Jerusalem is finally given the go-ahead to be built: The Temple and the Last Seven Years – End Time Info

17) A 7- year Covenant is made between the Jews the Muslims and the Christians worldwide

18) The ANTI-CHRIST latches on to the 7- year covenant in Jerusalem: More on the Last Seven Years – Open or Secret Covenant? – End Time Info

19) Jerusalem is made the capital of the world

20) For 3 and a half years he consolidates his world empire

21) He has his 2nd in command as the False Prophet who does wonders and miracles on behalf of the Anti-Christ

22) After 3 and a half years he breaks the ‘religious covenant’ and declares himself as god

23) He has the Image of the Beast set up as he loves himself and demands that all the world worships him or else you will die!

24) The Mark of the Beast comes into reality 666 with amazing implant technology: The Antichrist and Technology – End Time Info

25) Anyone who refuses to worship Satan incarnate in the form of his son the Antichrist will be killed.

26) The Great Tribulation which is exactly 1260 days long is instigated by the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet

27) The Anti-Christ is finally defeated by the 2nd coming of Christ and the subsequent Battle of Armageddon some 75 days after it: The Battle of Armageddon – End Time Info

28) The Anti-Christ is killed by Jesus Christ and cast into the Lake of Fire far down below in Hell

29) Satan the spirit which possessed the ANTI-CHRIST gets locked up in the Bottomless Pit

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