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Connecting the dots.

In 1978 in a discourse called 'CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3RD KIND' one writer  proposed such a possibility saying, “The Devil is going to really put on some phenomenal manifestations like that in the last days. In a lot of movies and TV shows that I have seen  the enemy is preparing the world to receive the imitation saviour, the imitation messiah”. The Lord warned us of this deception, that the delusion would be so strong, if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. I realize a scenario such as this is a bit difficult to accept and believe. On the other hand however, it would indeed deceive the whole world, and I personally don’t see how anything short of this would accomplish that. It helps to remind ourselves that we are not at war with mere mortal men and earthly governments, but “against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”, i.e. the fallen angels and their demonic cousins.

The Antichrist himself may even be a hybrid. Why not? It’s happened before! (Genesis 6) But maybe not again. It is hard to believe, I agree. We shall see. And we mayfind out sooner, rather than later.  

An Invasion from outer space, what a way for the antichrist to arrive! Just like the second coming of Christ! To arrive like he was coming from outer space, like he was a superior being, a higher intelligence arriving from some other planet to solve the world’s problems.

Imitate the coming of Christ and make it all sound scientific so the people would believe him. People will believe anything that smacks of science or sounds scientific. if it smacks of religion or spiritually or anything like that, forget it; but if they can just make it sound and look scientific, then the people will receive him as a superior being who has come to help solve all these terrible problems we have, like a god.

He will be like a god to them, but his whole thing is to try to put it in a plausible scientific form that people will believe. the antichrist will be sort of a scientific god, if you want to put it that way.

 So I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that the antichrist, the devil incarnate, is going to stage some kind of phoney invasion from outer space. well, in a way, since that’s the devil and his demons, the fallen angels, they are from outer space.”


10) What was originally an inner paradise of God for mankind has been turned into a hell’s hornet’s nest as clearly predicted in Revelations chapter 9 with the bottomless pit being opened some time in the not too distant future!
11) We have shown in this book how that inside the earth it is: A) Hell:-a prison for the souls being punished. B) Paradise is there also as a wayfaring station for the good
souls being prepared for heaven in a higher dimension. C) The lake of fire for the very worst souls such as Satan etc D) A spiritual location of spirits, demons, sirens etc E) Physical location which is inhabited by millions of human inhabitants living in many underground crystal cities, with very advanced technology, giants and the serpent race in many forms as well as so-called pre-historic large creatures such as dragons, mammoths and dinosaurs.
12) A very interesting verse is found in 2 Ezdras 4.41 “and he said unto me,
“In Hades the chambers of the souls are like a womb! a perfect description of
a hollow earth!
13) In the early chapters of the book of Enoch we find that the angels of God
are commanded to provoke the giants (Nephalim), sons of the Annunaki
(fallen angels), to fight against and destroy each other! As brought out so well in
Greek and Roman mythology in the many wars of the demigods. In ancient times the giants
ended up wiping each other out!
14) Certain eastern religions believe in the inner earth as well. Some monks
apparently guard the tunnels which honeycomb our planet and lead from the outer surface to
the inner surface in the Tibetan regions. It is interesting that these oriental religions believe in pacifism and vegetarianism and in the most dedicated cases being celibate. The most
dedicated also believe in supernatural powers and some of their gurus can perform amazing
stunts such as walking on hot coals of fire; lying on a bed of nails and even throwing a rope 20 metres straight up in the air and it just hangs there, whilst the guru’s son climbs up the rope! How to explain that other than it being supernatural?

15) According to Dr Raymond Bernard’s book “Flying saucers from the centre of the earth”, the inhabitants of the inner earth are pacifists & vegetarian. They no longer fight wars against each other, at least the humans no longer do. The Serpent race are apparently much more dangerous and beguiling!
16) In Olaf Jansen’s book “Voyage to Inner Earth” he stated that in 1829 he
and his father stayed with several “12-15” foot giants for two years & that they were treated well by the giants.
17) Those in the inner earth according to Dr Raymond Bernard do not believe
in Jesus & actually vehemently deny his existence! Those of middleearth worship the god
Ra, or better known as god of the inner sun (black sun).
18) This god RA of theirs, apparently puts on a show once in a while, to keep all
of the inner world physical humans, and giants in line with certain Satanic teachings;
especially of non-belief in Jesus!
Enoch mentioned that when he was inside the earth, he saw people who looked like beings of
fire, but that when they wished to they could appear as ordinary men!
19) What if Satan as this inner master of the underworld wisely decided a long
time ago to stop the giants and humans inside the earth from fighting against
each other? “The Coming Race” was talking about a race of giants! Satan wants to create
an army of physical people and giants to eventually be trained as his army to invade the outer surface of the earth when the time is ripe!
I think it very likely that Satan inspired people to create a pacifistic religion and
vegetarianism to keep his inhabitants calmer and more pacified. It also stops the giants from
eating meat and becoming blood-thirsty & going back to cannibalism. He has also promised them that one day he will lead them to victory against the humans on the outer surface of the earth as suggested in the book, “The Coming Race”.
20) There will come an invasion of the outer earth.
Some terrible things will happen as described in this book at the beginning of the tribulation
or when Satan finally fully possesses the coming antichrist. The very worst things however
will only happen after the rapture and all of the true believers in Jesus have gone home to
21) The Mark of the Beast and the Image of the Beast happen during the 2nd part of the Antichrist’s 7 year reign.
Many writers have talked about the coming “Mark of the Beast” under the coming Antichrist regime as shown in Revelations chapter 13. An unfortunate number for many of us, however have you ever wondered why?

Why the Mark of the Beast, and in particular, why now at the end of time? Why not under a
past empire of man?
To understand this we again need to go behind the scenes of this physical realm or matrix!
Satan has ruled this physical realm for the past 6000 years, mostly from the invisible realm or
from what some call the next dimension around the earth and in fact within it as well.
apparently Satan and his fallen angels, who in the past have had access to other dimensions,
(Job 1.7) and perhaps both our solar system and even other galaxies, with time they have
been restricted more and more; and eventually they will be totally locked up inside hell and
then Tartarus. (Revelations 20.1-3) One day soon Satan and all his angels are going to be
involved in a very big war against Michael the archangel and the forces of light. Satan is
going to lose and actually get kicked out of the spirit world (Revelations 12.7). Since Satan
has had control over so many people on earth both through demon possession and oppression
from the spirit world, how can he continue to maintain control over them once he is thrown
out of the spiritual realm? Satan knows that this will happen to him so he inspires man to
make micro-chips which initially have started off as something helpful, and benign such are
implants in the brain to help those with impaired vision or hearing; or an electronic cyborg arm to replace an amputated one. However Satan’s aim is to eventually bring on total control of every human being’s mind on the planet & to make them into willing slaves and mindless zombies, a collective consciousness or a type of Borg. Obviously he will have to time the Mark of the Beast”, in such a way that it happens just before he gets kicked out of the higher dimensions or he is going to lose the control over millions of people! By the same logic and reasoning, those who are truly saved & refuse the Mark will no longer be constantly bombarded and pestered by the negative influences of the negative spirit world or hell, and all static will disappear. Then their link to heaven will become much stronger and cause them to become very bold witnesses of the truth. (Daniel 12.3)
22) Inspired writers
I believe that the famous writers C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien with their famous inspiring books of the Chronicles of Narnia & Lord of the Rings were talking about future spiritual and physical battles which are to come on this planet as the war of the worlds begins in earnest when the key to the bottomless pit is finally opened and all hell literally breaks loose! H G Wells also wrote about war of the worlds or an invasion of planet earth by giant robots. His invasion comes from mars. He could not have known when he wrote “War of the Worlds” that NASA has photographed many mysterious giant pyramids and a sphinx on mars as well as other strange phenomena.
What were they used for? Some say that the pyramids are actually Star-gates to other worlds.
Is Mars perhaps one of the bases of the fallen angels masquerading as “advanced aliens, from
which they will launch an invasion of earth?” H G Wells also wrote the famous book, Time
Machine. Were his writings also both inspired & predicting future happenings? Lewis Carol
with his books about Alice in Wonderland & especially in the description of going down the
rabbit hole to another world far underground where things were very different in size/time
and behaviour. A world where the size of things could be changed at will! The books about
Alice, I think were also giving us a little insight into the inner world, either the physical or the
spiritual or a bit of both. The writer of the book “the Green Door” describes the inner world
of Hell and Tartarus as “dimensions where things are inside out, upside down as well as a
backwards & shrinking diminishing world”.

Then you have the other very famous book which is more obvious in its content as the very
title tells all: “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne. This book is both
fascinating and very interesting, as it shows that there are tunnels and large underground
caverns on the way down to the inner earth; whole lands and seas and so-called pre-historic
large dinosaurs. Jules Verne was clearly prophetic in his writings as he also wrote about
“Rocket to the Moon” in the 19th century. These are just a few examples of many...