OUR OWN EXPERIENCE WITH COVID-19 by S.N.Strutt  02/07/2021 

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Background: around 7 weeks ago or in the 2nd week of July, my daughter's boyfriend who is in the military was forced to take a covid vaccine against his own will.

Within days he himself was sick with COVID-19 and this was confirmed by the military in doing a COVID TEST. He tested positive. Then my daughter was required to take a TEST and the nurses came around to our house. The test proved that our daughter was POSITIVE.

Then we put ourselves into quarantine for two weeks. Our other daughter who lives with us tested NEGATIVE.

Both our daughters work in care-homes.

The daughter who tested positive recovered quickly within days and the other never got sick.

Only my wife and I who are in our late sixties got very sick. A third adult daughter who also lives with us  never got sick.


SYMPTOMS OF OUR SICKNESS: 13/06/2021 to the present 13/07/2021

I reckon that I personally have had the so-called COVID-19 VIRUS sickness twice in the past 16 months.

SYMPTOMS: Starts with a sore throat which gets worse and worse and is very annoying.

Hot and cold flashes. Headache(slight) runny nose (slight) constant weaknesses. Then eventually a really nasty cough that simply won't go away!

In my case infection in the throat. Eventually I had breathing problems and was afraid to fall asleep lest I would suffocate. Even in the day time sitting in a chair for a few days I was afraid of suffocating, as my lungs were not working properly. Lack of sense of smell and taste. Forget the coffee, as it tastes like tar!

In the beginning of the sickness it was almost impossible to sleep, but as time went by sleeping has no longer been a problem. Now after 19 days of being sick, I feel pretty much as normal except for this persistent and annoying cough and catarrh.

My wife on the other hand, became sick one week later than I did. She has the same symptoms plus she feels nauseous.I have had problems with my lungs on and off throughout my life including pneumonia a few times.


CONCLUSIONS: Would I conclude that these symptoms were nothing more than a cold or flu?

No somehow not! It behaves differently than a cold or a flu.

It would seem that whatever it is it in particular targets the lungs and one's ability to breath.

Incidentally, I had not been sick at all in well over a year as we live as naturally as possible in our diet and in general we dont get flu's and colds.


We kindly ask you to pray that we will fully recover TKS!




PART II    02/07/2021

We have been very fortunate as both my wife and have been having problems with breathing but we happen to have a supply of Oxygen tanks in our house due to my wife having M.E. 

My wife rescued my health about a week ago by telling me to take three drops of PEPPERMENT ESSENTIAL OILS in some boiling water and to breath it into my lungs.

That has indeed been a LIFE-SAVER for me! I can now breath much better! Thank God for that mercy. No joke!

Last night, unfortunately, my wife had trouble with breathing, something that she NEVER normally has! Just when I think I am getting better, I suddenly get strangely very right now at 10.00 a.m. I have only been up since 7 a.m. I guess that i have haveto go and lie down -again. Lots of rest needed with his sickness!

What on earth is going on with this COVID targeted-weapon? TO BE CONTINUED...


PT III 04/07/2021

Unfortunately, my wife in particular has been in a bad shape the past 3 days. It has now been exactly 21 days since I got Covid but I am much better except for a persistent cough on and off.

CURRENT CONDITION: My wife has pains in her head and in her eye-balls. She is having a problem walking and can do next to nothing at present. She also feels nauseous.

In talking with her, when possible over the past couple of days, we both feel that COVID-19 is not a virus but is some sort of targeted weapon.

The Russian government stated recently that there is NO evidence that this devilish sickness is a normal virus, but that it is in fact a bacteria which is triggered by 5-G.

Well that is one possibility, I suppose, as it is very difficult to know the full truth of this COVID-19 situation as so much has been deliberately covered -up by the governments of the planet for whatever nefarious reasons.

I have  heard that the NEW WORLD ORDER powers that be - who control the Covid-vaccine through BIG PHARMA: They have stated that if the peoples of the world refuse the Covid vaccines then they will simply drop it out from the sky through Chemtrails.

Is this true? I suggest everyone else starts to do their own research, if you are not already doing so - about these serious matters, as it could save someone's life! Maybe yours!

I have plenty of material on my website on the following page from the beginning of the COVID CRISIS:WHAT IS GOING ON V? -

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence from thousands of honest doctors and nurses who have stated that more dangerous than the COVID-19 is to take multiple Covid vaccines which have the 'spike protein' in them which happens itself to be poisonous to the human cells.

Read the articles on this website from many sources to make your own well-rounded conclusions.

As I said before, we ourselves certainly won't be getting the COVID vaccine. Hell no, - Never, as it is potentially dangerous! Look it up the Covid-vaccine is not a vaccine!


PART IV DAY 26  The truth is I don't like what I am observing with this COVID-19 SICKNESS or whatever it is! I have been getting better except for the persistent cough. There have been new symptoms for both my wife and I. 'Sudden sharp pains in the head' and in my case slight headaches. Today I went cycling for the first time in more than  3* weeks to try to improve my circulation and keep me from the difficulty with feeling 'hot and cold', My cycling was much slower than normal.

This is what I observed about my health today that shocked me. I was walking up a steep hill with my bike and I found that after only 30 yards I was 'out of breath' and when I checked my heart-beat I was shocked to see it was beating 120 -150 beats/minute. This is most definitely not normal for me. My wife has also complained of irregular heart-beat during the past weeks. Sudden tiredness and weakness is now common and unpredictable for us. Just when I think the nasty cough has all but gone it returns. It is  not as bad as it was a week ago Thank God! How are we treating ourselves? We learned from MIKE ADAMS that it has been dicovered that DANDY-LION LEAVES destroys the SPIKE PROTEIN associated with COVID-19. I also take garlic water and ginger as well as lemon and organic honey. In studying COVID it is  infamous for infecting the lungs and even causing pneumonia in the worst cases.

Part V 13/07/2021 This story is getting stranger as time goes by, and in conclusion for having had COVID for a month as a family ourselves - we would  all say that something is 'out of place'. That is our summary of the topic. Now for the details:

It is now one month and 1 day since I got sick with Covid 19 or whatever it is.

Many have stated that they don't think COVID-19 actually exists. I think they are 'dead wrong' on that one as my wife and I, and daughters have already experienced it, some a little, and some much more. 

Every day recently, I have been thinking that I am now almost back to normal, then something happens out of the blue. I still have attacks of sudden 'extreme tirededness' which is unpredicatable.

Right now, it is pains in my ears and the irritating cough is still there at times. My wife is also finally getting better and the 3 adult daughters who live with us have not gotten sick in the past 3 weeks. My wife just told me that she does still have a cold and extreme tiredness and cough at times.

BEHAVIORAL CHANGES: What I am about to tell you is just our family's observations.

Please see if you notice the same things happening where you are.

BEHAVIORAL CHANGE AFTER TAKING THE VACCINE?: My daughter stated the following about her recent experience with Covid about 5 weeks ago now.

She caught COVID-19 from her  boyfriend, who had just taken a vaccine the very same day, that she  last saw him, as the military had forced him to do so, even though he had been against taking the vaccine.

Strangely, after taking the vaccine he became totally pro-vaccine and has since broken off his relationship with our daughter.

He has totally changed from being a positive person to being depressed all the time, says our daughter.

Our daughter also expressed how so many people are becoming intolerant and vocal against those who don't believe in the vaccine, and often act angrily! The issue is separating people. Why? Is this just a co-incidence?

PART VI 16/07/21 Getting much better TKS for all of your prayers for us and all the comments which have been very helpful:


PART VII ADDED 24/07/21 My wife and I, are much better, but I still have a slight cough. My wife still has some exaggerated symptoms of older ailments.  Thanks again for everyone's prayers for us, for the which, we are very grateful!

PART VIII ADDED 28/07/2021 Do we still have any COVID symptoms after 46 DAYS of having contracted COVID-19? My cough is now only slight. Well, for myself I have a 'new strange condition' which I never had before. At nighttime I sweat very badly, but only through my head, so that my pillow gets very wet and my hair the same?!!? We think that my body is trying to get rid of poisons, - for this I am taking natural DETOX tablets from the Chinese doctor. My wife has a 'little breathing problem' that she did not have before we got Covid. She also states that she is weaker than before having COVID. My wife suggests that people take 'DANDELION LEAF' tea 3 x's/ day to help against the 'SPIKE PROTEIN' in COVID vaccines in particular.

PART IX ADDED 01/08/2021

I am still experiencing 'side-effects' for having had the COVID-19 since June 13. Today, I am experiencing pains in my lungs, that were not there before. I have also been having swellings or bloatings in the intestine in the past 48 hours. I still have a slight cough.  I am now mostly concerned about my lungs, as I have had pneumonia 3 times in my life in the far past. Yesterday, I found it very difficult to go cycling, and had to turn back home after only 300 yards, with weakness problems. This is definitely not normal for me. I am hoping the pains are just a coincidence after the end of having had COVID. ASSESSMENT: As stated before, it would appear that COVID attacks 'already weakened areas' in your body and even 'old' injuries.


If you have experienced something similar with those around  you,  please write to us at the address: