Dear Stephen,

So sorry to hear about your bad bout with Covid 19.
Back about 1 year and 4 months ago I watched a series of videos on Covid 19 by Chis Martenson on the Peak Prosperity site and I started then to take the supplements that he recommended and then about 4 months ago I started taking Ivermectin: 

Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19:Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19 ( 

... once a month on top of those supplements. It turns out that what I have been taking is exactly what the FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) recommends (except I haven't been taking Melatonin) for prophylaxis and early treatment. What I took daily was Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Quercetin and Zinc. Vitamin D was found to be deficient in most people that died of Covid. Zinc prevents the virus from multiplying in the cells and Quercetin makes it possible for the Zinc to enter the cells. Ivermectin coats the spike proteins so they can't bind to the ace-2 receptor cells.  
Best Wishes,

The following was sent in to us on the 04/07/2021 by Cathy Gehr from N.Z about how to DETOX from heavy metals and poisons: Those with COVID-19 neeed to DETOX their bodies:


“Heavy Metal Detox Diet: Symptoms and Recommended Foods”:
 Heavy metal detox foods to eat include”:
  • cilantro (Aka coriander - I use regularly in cooking in ground form; have it growing in my garden.)
  • garlic (ALWAYS!! In hummus, pesto, any egg breakfasts and dinners.)
  • wild blueberries
  • lemon water 
  • Atlantic dulse
  • curry (We use curry powder in scrambled eggs, soups, on cheese toasties - it’s almost as always as garlic!)
  • green tea (We drink one pot of green tea every day with breakfast. Don’t buy Chinese [chemicals] or Japanese [radiation] green tea, or any food from those 2 countries! Our loose leaf green tea is from Sri Lanka.)
  • tomatoes (Even though pricier in the winter - like now - we still purchase. We grow some in the summer. We augment with store-bought organic passata sauce.)
  • probiotics (We have some low-fat natural yoghurt every other day, if not every day. I also make my own pickles - daikon pickles. I’ll send you the recipe, if you’d like.)
 “Horsetail tea, too, because it helps purify your blood.” We oftentimes do a blend of green tea, peppermint tea, rosemary, and horsetail tea in our tea pot.
Here’s another article, highlighting cilantro / coriander (one in the same):
15 Best Foods for Detoxing Your Body - EcoWatch”:
 - a lot of these I’ve posted info about in my 'Celebrating Wellbeing' Facebook page:


1. Apples. We strive to eat one a day. 


2. Avocados. Pretty much purchase 2 a week. Have some slices on our rice cracker with hummus and pickle snack. 


3. Beets. We’re growing these. Use grated in soups, baked, steam and this whizz in food processed when making hummus.


4. Blueberries. 10ish years ago we bought a blueberry bush which we doted over whilst apartment living in Auckland. When we moved in 2019 to our home, we planted it and it didn’t miss a beat! Last summer it gave us 7 kilos of berries!

5. Cabbage. Always! A MUST! It’s cheap, TTL! 


6. Celery and Celery Seeds. Another always! I normally buy a large 1/2 a celery per week. Helps keep blood pressure down. 


7. Cranberries. In our homemade granola we have dried cranberries.


8. Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Oil. In our homemade granola we have ground flaxseed (aka linseed).


9. Garlic. 


10. Grapefruit. We’re more into lemons; the reasons the article gives sound good!

11. Kale. We grow it year around. Super yum; use in soups, stir-fries, Peter makes kale chips.

12. Legumes. Always as well. I use red lentils to thicken soups. I make a brown-lentil loaf which, when baked, I divide up in portions and freeze and use as needed. My hummus recipes include a variety of beans (chickpeas, black “turtle” beans, black-eyed beans). We make faux “meat”balls and falafels out of lentils. Legumes are a great source of slow-release protein. 


13. Lemons. We consume these in the lemon water mix I mentioned earlier.


14. Seaweed. When we lived in Auckland we made homemade brown-rice sushi (store-bought sushi contains sugar and a lot of salt in the rice - one of our homestays worked at a sushi shop and gave us the lowdown on how they make the sushi rice!) and used Korean-sourced seaweed. Need to get back into that!


15. Watercress. Haven’t gotten into watercress, I should give it a go!




[The following was  sent in on the 06/07/2021] 

Dear Stephen, I would recommend vitamin D, which is one of the main sources from sun's rays and is very important to fight and prevent Covid, also  Turmeric and Ginger root, which are natural anti- inflammatories fight against the swelling part of this disease, and that Covid virus doesn't kill people, but can leave your body weak, and if you don't take good care of body like taking multivitamins, especially the whole vitamin B complex Vitamin B12 as well and Vitamin D3, because if not in this weak period you can catch pneumonia which should be treated with antibiotics, before it becomes worse.

Also between the Godly doctors that have been fighting this disease not following the mainstream, there is one that has a very effective treatment.

I personally know people that have used her treatment, DR Maria Eugenia Barrientos, She belongs to the Spanish speaking world, she has been saving lives since last year, in Central America, she breaks down the disease from the swelling part, that covid does, till the part when the swelling isn't treated to the pneumonia phase explaining to take ibuprofen which is an anti inflammatory during the swelling phase which is between 7 to 10 days . 
Anyway soup made of chicken specially from chickens that are raised as in times of old is full of antibiotics.


One thing I know is that the WHO has been demonizing the Ibuprofene and praising the paracetamol, the WHO can't be trusted at all since they promote the vaccine, also I forgot to speak about the minerals this is mostly now that we know that Zinc is as important to fight all type of flu virus and also this I learned too that areas towns and cities the mineral copper was in abundance people did not get infected with covid but now the people of this area are becoming sick due to the vaccine enforcement,
Also I forgot to speak about lemon and onions besides eating them or drinking the lemon juice which is very good which is part of daily diet PTL,
Also when there is any type of flu, corona virus or whatever, cutting a couple of onions in half each and putting them in the room absorbs most of the flu, or covid germs, bacteria and virus in the air but you have to throw all theses onions after a day because they absorbed all this. And on last but not least drinking Eucalyptus leaf with black tea, and burning the eucalyptus leaves to clean the area where someone with covid had been, this was done by some friends and other people we witnessed before this pandemic, when we had a chance to get in touch with them again they told us this was a very good remedy against covid and one of them that did this treatment was a lady that got sick in the beginning of the pandemic, and went to the hospital and was denied a bed sent home she had the Eucalyptus leaves and black tea so she made tea with it since she couldn't get out because of the restriction imposed on her, and healed too. 



- Maria - S.A

ADDED 19/07/21

Here is excellent advice about how to get rid of all types of INFLAMMATION in the body whther it be from COVID or otherwise: Top 8 Herbs Proven To Cure Inflammation (


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