23. Sep, 2021


THE ‘CLAY’ GOVERNMENTS ARE ALL TURNING TO ‘IRON’.  by S.N.Strutt 23/09/2021 (To be continued )

The following article, which I have just written is based on discussing, if the following points of prophecy are actually already in motion as we speak:

The Daniel Two Image – ‘The Feet Partly Iron and Partly Clay’

The 10 Horns of Daniel 7 – ‘3 of the Horns Ripped Up by The Roots’ – Are these nations the USA, UK AND ISRAEL? [ Israel was part of the Roman empire 2000 years ago, and the USA emerged largely from the UK]

The 10 Horns of Revelations 13 – ‘’All Ten Horns of Iron – ‘Give Their Power unto The Beast’

2 Thessalonians 2 – The Man of Sin – ‘There Shall Come A Great Falling Away First’  [Are many people already falling away from their ‘faith in Jesus’?] -Then Shall That Man Of Sin Be Revealed – The Anti-Christ.

Daniel 11 ‘He Shall Tread the Truth to The Ground’ [ Isn’t this exactly what we are seeing in the world today that ‘The truth is being trodden to the ground’. All ryme and reason and logic is overruled, if it does not confirm to the agenda of the NWO and their lackies the MAIN MEDIA.]

As we can all see the past year and a half had been one of ‘GREAT CONFUSION’ meaning in this case great uncertainty as to ‘what on earth is going to happen next?’ The powers that be or the NEW WORLD ORDER clearly want to make the whole world into an IRON-FISTED DICTATORSHIP OF SOME KIND. Will it be COMMUNISTIC or SOCIALISTIC or A.I. controlled TECHNOCRACY? 

There seems to be a lot of predictive programming as shown in certain movies. Consider the movie V FOR VENDETTA which was made in 2008. In the movie the UK became a DICTATORSHIP and the year was set as 2020! The movie had strong TRANSHUMAN ELEMENTS.

In looking at the biblical chapters of Biblical prophecy mentioned above, I was wondering if some of it is already happening? Or is it at least starting to happen and that the VACCINE ROLLOUT is a fore-runner of the ‘Mark of the Beast’, as it is not really a vaccine at all but a type of DNA re-programming.

People have been well prepared in the past year and a half of the ‘COVID DELUSION’ to be totally subservient to whatever the MAIN MEDIA dictates to them is the TRUTH. As George W Bush blurted out when he was president ‘The Truth is whatever I say it is’. The arrogance of the Satanic Elite is mind-boggling, to say the least!

According to the Daniel 2 prophecy of the IMAGE, five of the World Empires were described: Gold Head of Babylon, arms and chest of silver was the dual empire of the Medio-Persians, the Chest and best of bronze was the Grecian empire. The legs of iron was Rome. The feet of partly iron and partly clay was the dictatorships and democracies that have existed in the world since the fall of the Roman Empire in around 500 AD.

This is where it gets interesting, as we can all clearly see that the past year and a half of Great Confusion is polarizing the nations and many former ‘democracies’ are turning into ‘dictatorships’ little by little.

It would appear that the clay part of the feet and toes of Daniel 2 are slowly but surely all turning into iron. What does it mean as in regards to Bible prophecy being fulfilled?

MIND-CONTROL OF THE NATIONS: You can see it in the fact that only one view-point is presented about something like the controversial vaccine, which should just  a matter of personal opinion and conviction.

Now according to all the main media if you don’t take the vaccine, you are a menace to society and action should be taken against you.

So much for having an opinion about anything! People’s minds are largely being made up for them by the emerging One World Government. The Great Re-set is here to the elite’s way of thinking.

The leaders of the world are mostly in league with Satan himself: Some years ago, many of the top world leaders were invited to go down to the Antarctic. Who did they talk to whilst down there? Who was giving them future instructions? Apparently, the Pope went down there, as did Putin of Russian and Obama of the USA at the time and many others.

The only thing I can think of is that there is some connection to the UNDERWORLD in the ANTARCTIC or a PORTAL as mentioned by Steve Quayle.

The most highly decorated Admiral in the USA was Admiral Byrd, who claims that he went inside the hollow earth in 1947 and met the Master of the Underworld who gave him a message for the leaders of the nations to stop using atomic power as it affected them down inside the earth.

Of course, the nations did not listen to Admiral Byrd and he was largely vilified and ignored by the USA.

The typical unbelief of the nations in the supernatural. Well, it would appear that things have changed in modern times and the nations do know about the supernatural and the paranormal.

As in regards to Satan personified as being a Dragon sometimes and at other times like a snake. Well, what is the difference. As pointed out very well by another writer. When Satan is described as he snake he is in his deceptive ‘behind the scenes spiritual mode’. When he is described as a Dragon he is right in your face physically ranting and raving and blurting out orders and edicts as in the Emperors of Rome and Pharoah’s of Egypt.

This last year and a half we have heard the powers that be openly threatening mankind and ranting and raving and screaming to try and scare everyone to do their evil bidding. The fact that the negative evil spirits are coming more and more to the fore of this physical realm, must show that the world is indeed already getting very dark where everything is twisted to fit the N.W.O agenda.

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COMMENTS: 23/09/2021

Cathy: Hi again Steve! 'Regarding the 10 horns', does this weight in on that?

> Out of the 7 heads (continents), are these the 10 horns ? “As Australia Announces That They Are Working To Advance The New World Order, They Are Also Pushing The Global D10 Ten Nation Confederacy”: