14. Oct, 2021


STEVE: The following is my REACTION to the following article:14/10/2021

A message to the awake from an unknown author.. : conspiracy (reddit.com)


'Very well written! It is almost like we, those that are wide awake have emerged from the MATRIX only to find ourselves under attack night and day in one form or the other. Are the 'elite' usurping aliens or demons? I don't mind the fight as one comes to realize that spiritual warfare is very real and that those in high power are not always human and often simply are not. What are they? They don't behave like humans but more like droids with no human emotions except forced anger. That is just a part of the story to realize that your governments and elite above them do not have your interests at heart to say the least. See my website for articles like this one above.

The fact is that there are many millions of people who do not agree with the MANDATORY takeover of the world which is currently transpiring and are demonstrating in many different ways against the hellish LIES.

We must fight back and stand up for what we all believe in and that is the TRUTH. The leaders seem to think that the TRUTH is whatever they dictate that it is at any given moment and then they change it when it suits them. One rule for the RULERS and another for the peoples of the world. - FIGHT 'NEW WORLD ORDER' TYRANNY NOW!' - Steve: https://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/449807605