20. Dec, 2021



Today, I have put two articles on my website: WHAT IS GOING ON V? - www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk

These two articles talk about the same topic. One from the USA and the other from the UK. The amazing thing is that both of these articles show that the ELITE or their top ‘CONTROLLERS’ such as the ROTHECHILDS and ROCHEFELLERS are failing with their GREAT RESET PLAN at the very first hurdle.

Yes, I know ‘all that has happened in the past 2 years’ with the so-called COVID has nothing to do with VACCINES but completely about trying to get total CONTROL of all the citizens of the entire planet.

Don’t get me wrong as ‘they’ have made many inroads to progress in bringing on their NEW WORLD ORDER.

The problem is the NEW WORLD ORDER are depending too much on LYING. LYING can only go so far before millions can see the LIE for what it is worth -NOTHING!

According to the two articles there are around 23,000,000 in England out of a total population of 55,000,000 who have NOT been vaccinated at all with the COVID JAB  1 or 2 or the BOOSTER.

As many as 40% of Americans have also not received even the first JAB.

The WHO and the governments have been lying through the PRESS to try and persuade the public that up to 90% of people or more have been vaccinated in many different countries.

This is simply lying propaganda.

On a world scale if 40% refuses the VACCINES this would prove that the ELITE simply do NOT control the masses even with all of their bullying and mandates and lying MEDIA.

Fortunately, the masses are waking up to the fact that their rulers are absolute monsters who seek the demise of the lower and middle classes.

Their intention is to replace workers with machines and robots for the future to run their big businesses.

There are still lots of demonstrations and there was a big one in London a couple of days ago against LOCKDOWN this CHRISTMAS’21

I want to give a comparison as unfortunately we do know that one day according to Bible prophecy the 'Mark of the Beast' will come along and many think that the experimental vaccines contain the ‘forerunner’ of the  'Mark of the Beast' system.

The difference is simple: Talking about the most charismatic world leader of all time -the SOON-COMING ANTI-CHRIST, ‘He causeth ALL to receive a mark in their right hands or foreheads without which no man could buy or sell - 666 -Revelations 13.18 The Bible goes to to state that ALL shall worship him whose names are not written in the Book of Life.

For the NWO to get anywhere close to 100% acceptance in any mandate that they bring up they are going to have to be  a  lot more persuasive in order to get the results they want that they have done with the COVID VACCINES, COVID MASKS AND OTHER CRAZY RESTRICTIONS.

Why is the NWO Plan A not working? Well, one reason is very clear - they have been too arrogant and condescending of the peoples of the earth. (Plan A: To get the whole world to be under their domination in every sense of the word)

However, 'what if' Plan A has been engineered this way deliberately? I will explain. 

What has  happened in the past two years with COVID has all the hallmarks of a CIA torture chamber. (This is  a simple example without all the details.)

Firstly, they torture their victims with scare-mongering as to what might happen to them if they simply don’t comply. Make it sound bad enough and most people will comply and do exactly what they are told out of fear. Sometimes after torturing the people they are then very nice to them and give them good things. Is there a Mr NICE guy coming soon to be a false 'saviour' of mankind?

Is this their crazy plan? Millions can see what clowns Biden and Fauci are along with the arrogant RESET Shwaub and arrogant governments and all the world leaders. What the world needs is a Mr Nice Guy!

What if there is a  PLAN B around the corner in case that their PLAN A simply does not succeed within a given time.

Notice right now on the 20/12/21 that the USA and UK Governments are presently getting all frantic about the new variant OMICRON, when the South African government is telling them that they just had it, and that it was only a very weak variant, and certainly not terribly dangerous. (Editor: Omicron, apart from being the anagram of the word 'MORONIC' should really be called OMNICON or a CON to deceive ALL!)

The governments are lying through the teeth in the West about OMICRON. Why? Because they have already lost the narrative on Covid and too many millions of people know exactly what they are up to.

The governments of the world are actually in a very dangerous position and they have clearly lost the trust of their peoples. The same is true of the main media.


The big question is what will PHASE 3 AND 4 BE if they can’t get their will? Economic Crash or a nuclear war?

Talking about the coming world leader the ANTICHRIST - the Bible states that he will 'come in peacefully' and obtain the kingdom by flatteries or intrigue. It also states in Daniel 11 that he will do what his fathers have not done and that is to DIVIDE up the wealth and the land of the rich and give it to the poor of the land. The coming long-foretold ANTICHRIST leader of the whole world sounds like a Mr NICE-GUY. (That would make a very nice change from what millions are having to endure right now!?)

The Bible does not state that the coming ANTICRIST will start his reign on earth by crushing the peoples of the world with crazy mandates, carried out by brute force such as we have seen in Australia, Canada and now Austria and God only knows in how many other countries around the world - within the past year!

The USA is also getting very oppressed in some states

One has to understand that Satan himself desires to be worshipped by everyone on the planet. He will not come on the scene as a monster - at least not to begin with….

Continued 21/12/21..

Satan has two main forms when described in the Bible when he is not in his original angelic form. 1) A deceiving SERPENT 2) A ferocious DRAGON. Throughout history, Satan has taken on one form or the other. As the snake, Satan is very deceptive and works behind the scenes, in the nether regions of the spirit world. When he apears as a Dragon, then he makes himself much more obvious as when a NEW WORLD POWER is taking over as 'they' are trying to do right NOW!. Think of the Pharaohs of Egypt and their satanic powers - an obvious show of power. Well, it is starting to happen again just as predicted by John the Revelator in Revelation  12 with the DRAGON and 13 with the ANTI-CHRIST BEAST.



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COMMENT - EDITOR: 'I don't neccessarily agree with every point in the above related article, but it certainly does ring true on many of the topics mentioned'.