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PORTALS & DIMENSIONAL GATES by S N Strutt 01/02/2022


As in regards to the Bible and Apocryphal books and even older books: Portals are first of all mentioned in detail in the Book of Enoch. Portals are also mentioned in the Book of 2nd ESDRAS Chapter 6.1 

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I talked about PORTALS in my first book ‘OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT I’ as being ‘gateways’ to other dimensions and also mentioned concerning the infamous Bermuda Triangle where people simply disappear along with ships, planes and even satellites etc. Some people do re-appear but where and when in time? Now that is a good question. Does there exist evidence that some people have disappeared down a Portal and re-appeared in a different time-zone or even in a parallel universe?

Have some people been taken to other worlds and dimensions and come back to tell others about their experiences? The Matrix that we all live in is some sort of simulation.

I have had some people tell me that their dreams are just as real as the physical dimension in which we currently live. Apparently, there most definitely exist other dimensions all around us both higher and lower.

It would appear that if we go far back in time to the Garden of Eden that things used to be very different from what they are today in modern times.

I believe that the spiritual dimensions were not invisible like today but that Adam and Eve could see right into the other dimensions and that all dimensions have an important purpose.

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The good news is that one day in the ‘not so distant future’ the physical and the more ‘real complete spiritual dimensions’ will be all re-joined together, as they were originally supposed to be if mankind and angels had not ‘fallen from Grace’.

I can give you some examples of different people’s experiences with other dimensions up and down as well as dream channels and those who have had Visions, prophecies and Life After Death Experiences. What about premonitions? Haven’t we all had them at some time or another? You know sensing that a relative had just died and finding out the very next day that your premonition was correct. I have had that happen many times and so have my daughters and my wife.

EXAMPLES of SPIRIT TRIPS: When one writer took a trip down to the Nether-regions or Hell which is alongside some sort of Paradise, he proclaimed. ‘Part of me always knew that this place was here’ - ref: Alan Trenholm – Book ‘Journey to Gragau’ (available at AMAZON). Why is that part of his sub-conscious already knew about the existence of the nether-regions and on a more positive note this writer also took a spirit trip to heaven which he wonderfully tells us bout in great detail in his first book ‘Journey to Tricon’ I recommend both of those books as excellent material about the spirit world and different dimensions. The truth be said, ‘We all have many more spiritual senses and abilities than just those afforded by our physical mind and body. It is just a matter of developing those powers and knowing how to enhance your spiritual gifts as given to you from heaven. As with any discipline of value in life the answer is practice using your spiritual gifts and senses.

Why am I mentioning all of the above at this time and how does it relate to PORTALS? Well, it would appear that God Himself created Portals in the sky and in the earth for many different reasons. I believe that there used to be Portals from the Outer earth to the Inner Earth. I also think that there is evidence that there are Portals to other planets and Stars. If so, were they created by God or did the Fallen angels create some of them in order to get around the universe?

Lots of questions, which need answering, if we are to more fully understand the universe all around us. It is important to realise that there are evil spiritual entities that have been ‘pulling the wool’ over the eyes of mankind for centuries and getting mankind to believe in many things which simply are not true at all as they don’t want people to know the full truth of their existence so that they could be spiritually totally liberated from the bondage of the flesh. The good news is that the largely invisible rule of these evil entities, whose influence we have all seen during 2020-2022 unless we are as ‘blind as bats’ will soon come to an end as clearly shown in the Book of Enoch and the book of Revelation.  MY 7 INSIGHTS BOOKS: ' INSIGHTS' BOOKS' - www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk

I will be addressing all he above interesting issues in my up and coming new book ‘OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT II’

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