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THE 'POWER' OF THE ‘SPHINX – by S.N.Strutt  - March 05 2022 (New content added 06/03/2022)

Why the ‘The Illuminati have no power without the Sphinx - as stated by John Todd?

I found the following link about the ‘4 Powers of the Sphinx’. [DISCLAIMER -the following link is from the ‘dark side’, but it does provide some knowledge and insight]:  -The Four Powers of the Sphinx – Temple of the Dark Moon (templedarkmoon.com)

STEVE: I think the answer to this question might be in going all the way back to the time of the Fallen angels, and their many escapades in the Book of Enoch and Genesis 6 in the Bible.

Initially according to the Books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees the Fallen angels came down and co-habited with certain human woman.

Not all women, only the licentious daughters of Cain according to ‘The Antiquities of the Jews’ by Flavius Josephus.

The Fallen angels had a problem in that they were looking for a realm or a dimension where they could get away from the ‘Presence of God’, and they wanted to procreate with human women so that they could sire off-spring.

Unfortunately for them as God’s blessing was not with them their children by women turned out to be massive Giants and even monsters.

See the Book of the Giants. In the Book of Enoch CHAPTER 9-10

God told his top angels to incite the Giants to fight the one against the other until they were all slain.

 Enoch 10.5 ‘And Gabriel said unto the Lord ‘Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates, and against the children of Fornication, the children of the Watchers from amongst men, and cause them to go forth. Send them one against the other that they may destroy one another in battle. For length of days they shall not have.



All the Giants and monsters had been destroyed by the time of the Great Flood.

Monsters: The monsters were created by the Fallen ones because when many of the giants died, they found themselves ‘trapped’ in a lower dimension around the earth or below it. They were crying out to their fathers the Fallen angels to somehow rescue them and bring them back onto the physical plane.

The Fallen angels succeeded to doing many different things to bring back the spirits of the Giants including after the Great Flood at least for a season. This brings up another big topic of ‘PORTALS’ which we can discuss later.

The Fallen angels had to find a body that God had simply not created in order to put one of the Giant’s spirits into. The Fallen angels found that the answer was in mixing the DNA of humans and animals and birds and many other aberrations.

THE SPHINX came into existence in this manner. The Sphinx is part human, part Lion, part bull with the wings of an Eagle.

This creature was not created by God, so that meant that the Fallen angels’ sons from before the Great Flood (known as the disembodied spirits of the Giants or what we would call ‘demons’) could easily possess this creature. It was much easier for the demons to possess a body’ or chimera that God simply had not created, and thus were totally under the control of Satan.

Apparently, just before the Great Flood, the world was infested with both Giants and Monsters such as the Sphinx and countless Chimeras.

It is possible that just as Satan was a Cherubim or a type of Chimera, that in his Satanic pyramid structure of leadership that he has certain Chimeras at the very top of his power structure, in the same way that God has his Seraphim and Cherubim. A sort of imitation of sorts of what God does.

In the satanic world, you have Satan at the top, then these strange Chimeras, the Devils (Fallen angels) then their sons the demons.

On earth Satan’s top representatives such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and below them the ILLUMINATI.

It is very possible as John Todd stated that the Illuminati get their power from the Sphinx in Egypt because that’s where the ‘7 satanic kingdoms of mankind’ began after the Flood.

1)Egypt followed by 2) Assyria, 3) Babylon, 4) Media-Persia, 5) Greece, 6) Rome and soon the 7) Anti-Christ.

The Sphinx is simply a top part of the satanic structure of leadership of which the brick and stone SPHINX image in Egypt is just an Idol to worship- for the satanists.

The Anti-Christ and the 7th worldwide Empire of man will also have a lot to do with Egypt and its satanic powers of the SPHINX

It is interesting that all the 7 World empires all had CHIMERAS as their IDOLS and their gods.

Is this all symbolism or is there a much deeper meaning in that these Chimeras actually exist on a lower satanic plane.

The coming Anti-Christ called the ‘Beast’ in Revelation 13 also is denoted as a ‘7- headed chimera’, which is given power by a 7-headed Red Dragon of Revelation 12 infamy. The fact that the 7-headed Red Dragon gave the Beast its Power its seat and its authority according to Revelations 13 shows clearly that Satan had been the King of the head of all the 6 World empires of the past and by inference the one that is yet to come.

Look at the chimera Image that was just put outside of the UN main building In New York city.UN Puts Up Giant Statue in New York That Resembles “Beast” Described in the Book of Revelation - NewsRescue.com

This image of the Beast is supposed to represent ‘World Peace’ They have replaced the ‘Dove with an Olive branch’ in her mouth from the times of Noah and the Great Flood with a monstrous chimera.

I think that a chimera like that one looks like it represents DEVOURING and not certainly Peace. It reminds me of the sphinx. She is infamous for asking questions of her potential victims. If they could answer her riddle, then they might live, but if not then she simply DEVOURED them.

I will complete this article by putting links to all the different chimeras that presented each world empire and other interesting links and I will put it on my website.




Giza Plateau Most Bible scholars who study Bible prophecy concur that Apollyon/Osiris/Nimrod are the same entity only referred to by different names. The information below will give more insight into the importance of these recent discoveries. The quotes from Peter Goodgame are of particular interest. (Some of this material has been published previously.) “Rudolf Steiner in his Egyptian Myths and Mysteries further acknowledged: “The Greeks… recognized that Osiris was the same as the god whom they called Apollo.” Convincing evidence also exists that even further back in time the historical figure upon whom these myths were based was the legendary King Enmerkar of Uruk, known in the Bible as Nimrod. Peter Goodgame makes reference to this in The Giza Discovery: “And just who is this Greek god Apollyon who makes his strange appearance in the book of Revelation? Charles Penglase is an Australian professor who specializes in ancient Greek and Near Eastern religion and mythology. In his book, Greek Myths and Mesopotamia: Parallels and Influence in the Homeric Hymns and Hesiod, Penglase carefully and methodically demonstrates that the Greek myths and legends of Apollo were simply Greek retellings of the Babylonian myths involving the rise to power of the god Marduk, which were themselves based on earlier legends of the Sumerian hunter/hero known as Ninurta. Furthermore, according to David Rohl, the original name for Ninurta was in fact Nimurda, whose historical identity can be traced back to King Enmerkar of Uruk, the very same figure who is known in the Bible as Nimrod.” Rudolf Steiner in his Egyptian Myths and Mysteries further acknowledged: “The Greeks… recognized that Osiris was the same as the god whom they called Apollo.” [9] Convincing evidence also exists that even further back in time the historical figure upon whom these myths were based was the legendary King Enmerkar of Uruk, known in the Bible as Nimrod. Peter Goodgame makes reference to this in The Giza Discovery. "Belief that these gods—or more accurately the single entity represented by these many names—would return to rule the earth one day, is not limited to Masonic mystics or the divine manifestation from the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians (2 Thessalonians 2:3). The return of these gods “to an active and outward position as rulers of mankind is predicted in the Asclepius,” notes Peter Goodgame, “which is predicted to come after the long period of spiritual decline in Egypt.” The prophecy Goodgame refers to from the ancient Asclepius says: “Those gods who rule the earth will be restored, and they will be installed in a city at the furthest threshold of Egypt, which will be founded towards the setting sun and to which all human kind will hasten by land and by sea.” Goodgame notes the physical whereabouts of the “city” in this prophecy, it is the Giza Plateau, as located by Garth Fowden in his book, The Egyptian Hermes. “… in answer to Asclepius enquiry where these gods are at the moment, Trismegistus replies (at Ascl. 27): ‘In a very great city, in the mountains of Libya (in monte Libyco)’, by which is meant the edge of the desert plateau to the west of the Nile valley. A subsequent reference (Ascl. 37) to the temple and tomb of Asclepius (Imhotep) in monte Libyae establishes that the allusion at Ascl. 27 is to the ancient and holy Memphite necropolis, which lay on the desert jabal to the west of Memphis itself.” “The ‘mountains of Libya,’” Goodgame concludes, “is simply a reference to the plateau that rises above the desert on the west bank of the Nile, west of the ancient city of Memphis. In other words, according to this Hermetic prediction, when the Kosmokrators are ‘restored’ they will be ‘installed in a city’ on or near the Giza Plateau.” Will the ancient super-man Apollo-Osiris rise from a hidden tomb at the Giza Plateau, as Goodgame believes may be the case? If so, the Asclepius could have been more than a pagan prophecy. It may have been a record pointing to where the body of the ‘god’ was stored in times past. Do the occult masters already know this, and is this why an unfinished pyramid adorns the Great Seal of the United States, over which the portentous eye of Apollo-Osiris glares from the ancient past? Has DNA been recovered from Giza that is needed for the return of this god? Will a forbidden ‘science’ that once allowed incarnation and ‘deity’ status to powerful fallen beings be restored in this modern age? Prophecy may suggest exactly this, and for the immediate future.” Taken from: Apollyon Rising part 18 2009 by Tom Horn Apollyon Rising 2012 From Parts Thirteen, Fourteen and Eighteen – Tom Horn