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THE ‘CLAY’ GOVERNMENTS of the ‘DANIEL 2 IMAGE’ ARE ALL TURNING TO ‘IRON’.  by S.N.Strutt         January 13th 2021 


BIBLE CLASS ON THE ‘CLAY TOES’ OF ‘DANIEL 2’ ALL TURNING TO IRON IN 2020-2022- showing that the ‘LAST 7 YEARS of World History’ is about to begin - by S.N.Strutt

The Daniel Two Image – ‘The Feet Partly Iron and Partly Clay’ 

According to the Daniel 2 prophecy of the IMAGE, five of the World Empires were described: Gold Head of Babylon, arms and chest of silver was the dual empire of the Medio-Persians, the Chest and best of bronze was the Grecian empire. The legs of iron was Rome. The feet of partly iron and partly clay was the dictatorships and democracies that have existed in the world since the fall of the Roman Empire in around 500 AD. The 10 toes, made partly of IRON and partly CLAY are supposed to be the coming world ANTI-CHRIST government with its 10 world leaders.

This is where it gets interesting, as we can all clearly see that the past year and a half of Great Confusion is polarizing the nations and many former ‘democracies’ are turning into ‘dictatorships’ little by little.

It would appear that the clay part of the feet and toes of Daniel 2 are slowly but surely all turning into iron. What does it mean as in regards to Bible prophecy being fulfilled?

The fact that the toes of the Daniel 2 Image are all turning to IRON shows that a  massive shift has occurred in world politics and noticeably most of all in the WEST. For example notice the drastic change in the governments of AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA AND ITALY, GERMANY, GREECE, ISRAEL. Sure we have sometimes seen our governments getting heavy-handed about somethings but nothing compares to the past 2 years. I suppose the same is also true in hundreds of countries all around the world during the past two years of the Covid and Vaccine Era with all of its mandatory dictates by many governments where they proclaim sudden edicts like an old fashioned king or queen of old without the permission of their. peoples

If we consider that the feet of IRON and CLAY has been the situation ever since the fall of IRON ROME, then 2020-2021 is seeing a worldwide change that has not occurred on such a worldwide scale since the fall of the last world Empire Rome.


What does it mean: Clay governments turning into IRON ones. It means that all the nations that came out of the old Roman empire which for centuries have mostly been CLAY in nature or DEMOCRACIES are turning as we speak into IRON-FISTED governments. Why is this happening? Now that is a very good question.

IRON represents DICTATORSHIPS and CLAY. In the Book of Isaiah it states,'Thou O Lord art the Potter and we the people are the CLAY'.

If one takes the time to read about ancient democracies,[THE ORIGIN OF DEMOCRACIES: The Origins of Democracy - Biblical Archaeology Society] it was mostly the Greeks that entertained such disiplines. However, the type of democracies that we have had in the WEST until the past two years are very different in structure than what came in ancient times and which did not even last very long. In looking at the Image of the feet of partly clay and toes, I was wondering why would the 'ruling elite' decide centures ago to create democracy? I think that 'they' collectively decided that perhaps if 'they' gave the people the 'illusion' of 'choice' in many areas, that perhaps 'they' could gain even more power,  money and control through 'deception', instead of being 'right in the face' of the people as 'absolute monarchs' with their 'dictates' of 'Do what I say or you will be executed, as in the days of 'absolute monarchs'!' So, they started to give the people what they lacked: Free schooling, food,benefits etc- whilst of course they 're-educated the minds of the masses or the 'goyim' to love their 'fake democratic system'. They started the 'illusion' of different political parties - though secretly 'the Powers that' had a 'hand' in all matters. There was the CLAY democracies in the WEST, but  IRON control was still there, in the 'background' and connnected to the CLAY, through seemingly invisible. This way by pretenting to be the friend of the poor, the rich could actually rob them much more. That is making it very simple, I know, but if true, then why have the world powers suddenly in the past two years, changed tactics back to 'draconian' controls or 'Iron rule', just like the ancient Romans? This explains how 'IRON could mix with CLAY' even if under most physical circumstances that would be impossible!

As you can see 'they' in 2022 are not so successful in certain Western countries, as they are in others, as millions of people are 'awake' to their evil shenanagins.] * Is it just possible that the COVID argument is fast losing steam? Or is it because something else is now in place like 1000's of 5G satellites which were switched on on the 7th January 2022. 'They' don't need so much authoritarian 'control' though COVID scare-mongering as they now have satellite 'control': 

PROOF THAT PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED BY 5-G COMBINED WITH VACCINE: 5G Death Towers Activated: Flu-Like Symptoms Will Follow – Forbidden Knowledge TV

 Another interesting point is that an IMAGE such as described in Daniel 2 could not actually ‘stand’ on feet and toes made of a mixture of iron and clay, as they are two very different substances that do not mingle together and the IMAGE should have fallen over a long time ago if it had been a literal physical image which it is clearly not. If the feet and toes all become IRON then the great IMAGE will stand or the 7th and final EMPIRE of  the Anti-Christ. I don’t know if that tiny point has any significance or not. What do you think?


What if? What if the past 2 years is only STAGE ONE of the NEW WORLD ORDER to take over the world? It would seem in some ways that they have been successful but in other ways they have not been as they simply do not have the confidence of half the population at least.


Could the past 2 years have been a Psych-op? The formula used by the NWO is: PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION. The Powers that be do have a major headache right now as they are finding that they cannot control the nations by simple brute force and by mandates. To anyone listening to what has been going on for the past 2 years – the stooges of the Powers that are trying to totally take over the world such as FAUCI, BIDEN,  BILL GATES were all trained by SHWAUB, the 'GREAT RESET' guy. Another one is GEORGE SOROS the front man of the Illuminati. They are all really making their names to stink by all of their LIES. What if this is a deliberate ploy of Satan and soon to come ANTI-CHRIST?


According to the scriptures the Anti-Christ is going to start off as Mr Nice Guy and not a monster like the ones we have seen during the past two years who have been trying to impose VACCINE MANDATES on all the peoples of the world. Untested Vaccines that can be deadly!


Why do I mention Daniel 2 and in particular the feet and toes? Because we can clearly see that things have changed drastically on the world political scene in only two years of 2020-2021. Something that has never happened before all over the world at the very same time! The feet turning much more into iron as well as the 10 toes would indicate that we are going into the 10 toes of the Daniel 2 Image which toes also represent the 10 Horns of Revelations 13 and the emerging ANTICHRIST ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. It would also mark the Last 7 years of man’s world history


I believe that Satan himself and even his ‘son’ the ANTI-CHRIST are currently using psychology on the peoples of the earth. This psychology is also used by intelligence agencies such as the CIA and many other intelligence agencies around the world. Firstly, 'they' torture the subject,  then eventually give them what they want according to their reactions, and how quickly they are willing to conform to the dictates being enforced at that time.


What have we seen for the past two years of COVID MANDATES? The NEW WORLD ORDER has bombarded the peoples of this world with misinformation and even conflicting information, and then brought on imaginary CRISES using their big propaganda machines like the BBC and CNN and RT to LIE big time to all the peoples of the world about the COVID and the VACCINES. Many people have ended up being totally confused and not knowing what to do. There have been an exceptional number of suicides during the past year.

PHASE TWO: DESTABILIZE THE NATIONS ECONOMICALLY – TAKE AWAY THE SUPPLY - FAMINE -THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR – WEATHER ANOMOLIES – FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. Create an atmosphere where most people are desperate for an answer, even if they do not know what that answer is…


THE REVELATION OF THE ANTI-CHRIST as in 2 Thessalonians 2 As many others have already suggested, I also believe that the Revelation of the Anti-Christ will have to be something totally supernatural and not political, as in imitating the 2nd Coming of Christ, so as to totally deceive most people including millions of Christians. As some famous writer have already written, I think it likely that the Anti-Christ will show up in the heavens with a fleet of UFO’s showing off his power and claiming that he has come to save mankind from self-destruction. He will also tell mankind that his race is a super race from far away in the galaxy and that mankind was ‘seeded’ on this planet millions of years ago – which will give the false doctrine of evolution a complete face-lift. Just read 2 Thessalonians 2. It is very strong! Using the Bible scriptures as our complete guide it is stated that the ANTI-CHRIST will reign for 7 years. It is also stated that in the midst of the 7 years the TRIBULATION will begin. The nations will flock to Mr Nice guy -the ANTI-CHRIST as he will do many good things for the peoples of the earth and thus deceive them by giving area material gifts to millions of peoples around the globe. Matthew 24.29-31 makes it very clear that AFTER the GREAT TRIBULATION the Lord returns to take His Bride, the true church up to heaven in the RAPTURE. The church does not escape to heaven before the GREAT TRIB.

2 Thessalonians 2 – The Man of Sin – ‘There Shall Come A Great Falling Away First’  [Are many people already falling away from their ‘faith in Jesus’?] -Then Shall That Man Of Sin Be Revealed – The Anti-Christ.


As we can all see the past year and a half had been one of ‘GREAT CONFUSION’ meaning in this case great uncertainty as to ‘what on earth is going to happen next?’ The powers that be or the NEW WORLD ORDER clearly want to make the whole world into an IRON-FISTED DICTATORSHIP OF SOME KIND. Will it be COMMUNISTIC or SOCIALISTIC or A.I. controlled TECHNOCRACY? 


Daniel 11 ‘He Shall Tread the Truth to The Ground’ [ Isn’t this exactly what we are seeing in the world today that ‘The truth is being trodden to the ground’. All ryme and reason and logic is overruled, if it does not confirm to the agenda of the NWO and their lackies the MAIN MEDIA.]


The 10 Horns of Daniel 7 – ‘3 of the Horns Ripped Up by The Roots’ – Are these nations the USA, UK AND ISRAEL? [ Israel was part of the Roman empire 2000 years ago, and the USA emerged largely from the UK]


The 10 Horns of Revelations 13 – ‘’All Ten Horns of Iron – ‘Give Their Power unto The Beast’

There seems to be a lot of predictive programming as shown in certain movies. Consider the movie V FOR VENDETTA which was made in 2008. In the movie the UK became a DICTATORSHIP and the year was set as 2020! The movie had strong TRANSHUMAN ELEMENTS.


In looking at the biblical chapters of Biblical prophecy mentioned above, I was wondering if some of it is already happening? Or is it at least starting to happen and that the VACCINE ROLLOUT is a fore-runner of the ‘Mark of the Beast’, as it is not really a vaccine at all but a type of DNA re-programming.


People have been well prepared in the past year and a half of the ‘COVID DELUSION’ to be totally subservient to whatever the MAIN MEDIA dictates to them is the TRUTH. As George W Bush blurted out when he was president ‘The Truth is whatever I say it is’. The arrogance of the Satanic Elite is mind-boggling, to say the least!


MIND-CONTROL OF THE NATIONS: You can see it in the fact that only one view-point is presented about something like the controversial vaccine, which should just  a matter of personal opinion and conviction.


Now according to all the main media if you don’t take the vaccine, you are a menace to society and action should be taken against you.


So much for having an opinion about anything! People’s minds are largely being made up for them by the emerging One World Government. The Great Re-set is here to the elite’s way of thinking.


The leaders of the world are mostly in league with Satan himself: Some years ago, many of the top world leaders were invited to go down to the Antarctic. Who did they talk to whilst down there? Who was giving them future instructions? Apparently, the Pope went down there, as did Putin of Russian and Obama of the USA at the time and many others.


The only thing I can think of is that there is some connection to the UNDERWORLD in the ANTARCTIC or a PORTAL as mentioned by Steve Quayle.


The most highly decorated Admiral in the USA was Admiral Byrd, who claims that he went inside the hollow earth in 1947 and met the Master of the Underworld who gave him a message for the leaders of the nations to stop using atomic power as it affected them down inside the earth.


Of course, the nations did not listen to Admiral Byrd and he was largely vilified and ignored by the USA.


The typical unbelief of the nations in the supernatural. Well, it would appear that things have changed in modern times and the nations do know about the supernatural and the paranormal.


As in regards to Satan personified as being a Dragon sometimes and at other times like a snake. Well, what is the difference. As pointed out very well by another writer. When Satan is described as he snake he is in his deceptive ‘behind the scenes spiritual mode’. When he is described as a Dragon he is right in your face physically ranting and raving and blurting out orders and edicts as in the Emperors of Rome and Pharoah’s of Egypt.


This last year and a half we have heard the powers that be openly threatening mankind and ranting and raving and screaming to try and scare everyone to do their evil bidding. The fact that the negative evil spirits are coming more and more to the fore of this physical realm, must show that the world is indeed already getting very dark where everything is twisted to fit the N.W.O agenda.


What is interesting in my opinion is if the feet and toes of the DANIEL 2 prophecy given 2500 years ago to God’s prophet by the Lord were supposed to be made of partly CLAY and partly of IRON. We know that IRON represents the iron-fisted totalitarian governments such as the ancient Caesars of Rome and the satanic Pharaohs of Egypt and their terrible oppression of those under them. IRON represents DICTATORSHIP. CLAY represents the people in the scriptures and thus the feet being partly CLAY. Clay governments by the people are the DEMOCRACIES. The Daniel 2 Image showing the feet as partly clay and partly iron represented the fact that in the last days after the legs of Rome, which were built of IRON fell, that from that point in history onwards the governments that emerged from the former Roman empire would be a mixture of both dictatorships and democracies. The fact that the feet and toes were partly clay and partly iron I very interesting when considered from the point of view of politics today. Especially concerning the Western world which mostly came out of the former Roman Empire we are finding countries like Australia which used to pride themselves in being so liberal have turned into a monstrous dictatorship in the past two years. Canada is pretty much in the same boat along with New Zealand. The USA and the UK are also becoming dictatorial. It is interesting because for centuries we have had this mixture of IRON and CLAY GOVERNMENTS but all of a sudden that is changing which would indicate that the world is fact-tracking its way to the very end of the world. I expect the Rising of the Anti-Christ to happen shortly and for us to enter into the time of the 10 toes of Daniel which represent the 10 horns from Revelations 13. I would like to point out that what the leaders of this world have done in the past two years is very obviously blatantly arrogant and distasteful, and in many cases plain violent against their own countries. According to the bible the coming Anti-Christ figure will not behave the same way that we have seen the politicians of so many nations behave. Why? It states in the Bible the Anti-Christ shall come in peacefully and obtain the world by flatteries or intrigue. It also clearly states that he will do that which his fathers or ancestors have not done -he will divide the spoil or riches with the poor in order to gain their favour. It is stated in the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion, that when their man or their false messiah the Anti-Christ shall come to power that they will then remove all traces of their obvious tricks and shenanigans such as you have seen the NWO perpetrate during the past two years with their total confusion and madness of the COVID lie and resultant hellish vaccines which are not vaccines at all and worst of all - untested. What we have seen during the past 2 years is what is called in the CIA a psych operation as shown clearly in George Orwell’s book 1984 with the ‘Ministry of Truth’ which actually only tells lies. In order to deliberately cause confusion and to wear down the people by mandates and contradictory information. One week saying one thing and the next week the exact opposite. There is no rhyme and reason or common sense to the behaviour of people like Biden and Fauci. These guys have been clearly taken over by demons or aliens or reptilians as some would say. It would appear that what we have seen in the past 2 years is only stage 1 of the NEW WORLD ORDER drama. The next stage will be the rising of Mr Nice Guy the Bible’s notorious Antichrist who will be heralded by Israel as the Messiah. Someone who wins the confidence of most people on the planet will have to behave in a very different way that the politicians of the earth have done during 2020 - 2021 during the crisis serious.The crisis of the so-called COVID PANDEMIC. This is always the formula of the elite. Sometimes they speak the truth and sometimes LIES or half-truths depending on what they are after. The media has gotten much worse this past two years and they are generally not reporting what is really going on in the world but are following a ‘fixed agenda’ or narrative from those ‘controllers above them and who own their companies.  

ADDED: 08/03/2022 : 



The 4 Horsemen were running rampant with ‘DEATH SHOTS from COVID’.

Now it is PHASE 2: NWO trying to provoke a nuclear war to destroy mankind.

In a world where most of the leaders are insane it would not surprise me, if Famine will be used as a weapon to force the world into the NEW WORLD ORDER ‘RESET’ of tight electronic controls in all areas of human life.


According to Nostradamus circa 1555, he foresaw a terrible Famine starting in the End times in one place, and then becoming ‘universal’ or all over the world.


In a world where most of the leaders are insane, it would not surprise me, if War and resulting Famine will be used as a weapon to force the world into the satanic ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ of tight electronic control in all areas of life.


The satanic elite, that rule the planet at the present time, do it through their stooges in Power - the bankers and politicians and the very wealthy.


These elite, have proven time and time again, that they have no regard for human life.


Satan has been trying to eliminate mankind ever since the days of Adam and Eve. There is no sanity in Satan, who has been in direct rebellion against God for 6000 plus years.


Satan simply wishes to destroy all of God’s Creation by one method or the other.


It is so tragic that the world is heading in the same direction as in Pre-Flood times.


I believe that we will see a return of the Pre-flood gods and demi-gods to the earth.


The world has to get into such a mess that only supernatural intervention can save it!


What if Satan who seems to have been the 'King of empires' throughout all history in possessing some of its most evil leaders such as Adolf Hitler of Gerrmany during World War II  and Nero and Caligula of the ancient Roman empire and many others - what if he manipulates the whole world economic and political systems, and sets it all up so that we will be drowned by serious wars, pandemics, upheavals, confusions, economic collapse, so that he can finally bring on MR NICE GUY the ANTI-CHRIST.

Finally a world leader who 'does what he says', and also is kind to the peoples of the earth, instead of being directly cruel and oppressive..well at least for a season or around 3 and a half years according to scriptures in both Daniel and the Book of Revelations.

After 3 and a half years he becomes the worst world dictator in history, and the Great Tribulation of 3 and a half years mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24 shall begin.