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20/08/21: 'Hello Stephen, I've got a question. I read in a booklet that the apocryphal book of the Maccabees was included in the KJV by the ungodly C.Church is this true? which apocryphal books are true vs fake?'


ANSWER 21/08/2021

STEVE:  Dear Dan,

You put the above comment on my website and asked the following very interesting question:

There are different ways of looking at the question you proposed.

Strangely, when you asked that question about the Maccabees brothers, I was reading that very book the same day that you were asking the question! I re-read it again today, at least the first five chapters of Maccabees I.


In having now worked on 6 of the longest Apocryphal books, I am convinced that they all have merit and often provide a lot of details not fully afforded by the Bible.


The 15 Apocryphal books used to be in the KJV of the Bible until 1885. There are different arguments as to why these books were taken out of the KJV of the Bible.


Those books are still in the Catholic Bible and the Book of Enoch is still part of the Canon in the Orthodox church over in Ethiopia.


I am not an authority on the MACCABEES, as of yet I have not written a book about them. However, I do find I and II Maccabees very interesting, without having yet done a thorough research into them.


I am unfamiliar with the exact info that you sent.


In perusing the Books of Maccabees, it does appear that the books are inspired - that is for sure. The Maccabean brothers are always giving glory to God and acknowledging him in all of their decision making of War, which is like unto King David of Israel.


Without yet knowing more about the background of the MACCABEE APOCRYPHAL BOOKS, I would state that it seemed to be 'a last ditch stand' for Israel in the years 150 BC unto around 100 BC.


The problem in Israel in pre-Christ times, was that Israel was only as good as the king they had in general. Most of their kings had been evil.


My wife brought up an important point related to the Maccabees. 1) The Maccabees were very violent 2) By the time of Jesus the Messiah, Jesus changed the rules from 'Hating your enemies to loving your enemies.' - My wife mentioned perhaps that is why Judas the disciple who betrayed Christ and who had been a Zealot or fanatic, that perhaps Judas was imagining himself as Judas Maccabee from just 150 years earlier, and thought that he and the rest of the zealous Jews, should go out and slaughter the Romans, their enemies. It appears that Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus' 12 disciples got disillusioned because Jesus changed the rules from hate to love for one's enemies.


Many in the time of the Messiah thought that Jesus would throw off the yoke of the Gentile Romans, but he did not come here to do that but to save mankind from their sins. I think many people thought that Israel should keep acting like the Maccabee brothers, but Jesus showed a different way.


That is a different topic but related to what we are discussing. I can perfectly understand if some people claim that the MACCABEEN REVOLT was too bloody - but it looks to me that in their time the 5 Maccabee brothers felt that they had no choice but to make violent war as the Grecian empire was very cruel and violent against Israel.



I personally have enjoyed reading most of the apocryphal books, although because of the veils of time concealing what was originally written and some parts obviously having been added to the books, it can be difficult to discern what is the whole truth of the matter. However, reading the Apocrypha books will give the reader a lot of godly wisdom, in my opinion. Happy reading. I have written 7 books so far, 6 of them 'INSIGHTS BOOKS'. I have just sent the latest book called EDEN INSIGHTS to the publisher. Here is some info on my website. 'EDEN INSIGHTS' -

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Hello Stephen, thank you so much for taking your time to answer me.

I was asking my question due to reading some material on an ex-Jesuit who got converted and started exposing the Catholic Church as being directly involved with the Illuminati. I will attach the PDF I was reading as it was very eye opening and interesting: 1983 The Crusaders Vol. 15 "The Force: Alberto Part Four" by J.T.C. Comic Book by Chick Publications. I must also say that my parents bought your 'Insights' Books on the apocryphal books, and I enjoy them very much. I am an avid truth seeker, and I feel like everytime were getting nearer to the Endtime, so I want to have factual information that I can use to get other people to open their eyes to the truth. Jesus is the truth, but a lot of people have different versions on Jesus, like for example the Jesus that the Catholic Church preaches is VERY different from the Jesus you and I believe in, I do not have enough factual information so that I can come up with my own opinion, so for now I'm following the Word, and asking the Holy Spirit for discernment for the stuff I read, I have not been to the university but I choose to research information and not swallow anything that I'm told.I would greatly appreciate if you could take some time reading the PDF I attached in this message and give me your opinion on the matter, as hearing other people's opinion creates a greater depth to the debate, and sometimes provides valid points of view. GBY for your work. Thank you so much in advance. 
This was my answer to Dan:26/08/2021




Dear Daniel,

Great to hear from you. I read the comix that you sent me, where it mentions that the apocryphal book of MACCABEES was put in by the Catholic church and that the whole Apocrypha was taken out in 1885 as it was Catholic material. I am familiar with 'Chick publications' from the early 80's, as they were friends of John Todd, who was the first to expose the Illuminati. Unfortunately he died as a martyr some 20 years later.

Chick publications did expose many evils in this world.

Having worked on the Apocrypha books and checked their origin, all the ones that I have had the privilege of working on so far have been dated as written or better said re-written and assembled from much older books in around 300 -100 BCE. So they could not have been made by the Catholic church.


The books of Maccabees - of them I am not sure. I do admit that at a glance I do not like the fact that they are so physical and nothing but war and slaughter when only 100 years later the Messiah came to set a much better standard of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness and not hating your enemies.


I certainly don't want to write a book about the Maccabees, as the story is questionable as to when it was written and by whom. If I find out more I will let you know.


Concerning the Apocryphal books that used to be in the KJV of the Bible - the real reason that they were taken out in 1885 was apparently financial more than anything else, to make the size of the Bible smaller.


I have mentioned in my latest book EDEN INSIGHTS that I think that the organized religions have tampered with the original texts of the Apocryphal texts in some parts, but this does not negate the fact that the original writings were both inspired and contained a lot of truth in them.

I know that it is very difficult to discern which part of the books are original and which parts have been altered or watered down for one reason of the other or worse still made too religious. I do mention these things in my books.

Overall I would state for the record that probably 90% of the Apocryphal books are original, with some 10% interference by others and especially the organized religions like the Catholic church or the Orthodox church' - Steve